Secondary Authentication

The BlueFletch Launcher can be configured to require an additional form of authentication when a device's screen is unlocked while Launcher is logged-in through the Authentication module. Reauthentication can be configured as a personal identification number (PIN), face recognition, a near-field communication (NFC) tag, or a barcode. Primary and alternate reauthentication options can also be set. Common Configuration

The following key-value pairs can be set within the settings object of the Launcher configuration JSON file.

Essential settings for all secondary authentication:

FieldData TypeDescription



Set to true to launch secondary authentication when the device screen is awakened while logged in. Default is false.



Indicates type of secondary auth during re-authorization. Values are "none", "pin", "face", "nfc", and "barcode". Default is "none".



If set to true, will logout the user if they cancel setting up the secondary authentication. Default is false. Available starting Launcher 3.3.x. Starting in Launcher 3.6.x, user will have the option to logout during verification as well.

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