API Keys

User Guide: Admin Tab

API Keys

The Admin - API Keys page in BlueFletch Portal handles the generation and revocation of API keys for an organization. Click here to access the page in your organization's Portal.

The API keys are SHA-256 hashed token values. They are used to authenticate an organization communicating with BlueFletch's backend system. BlueFletch still supports a single static legacy API key, but API key management allows administrators to set expiration dates for when their organization's keys will automatically deactivate, or to manually deactivate keys by revoking them at any time.

Generate Keys

  1. On the API Keys page, press the Generate New Key button in the upper right corner, which opens the Generate API Key dialog box.

  2. In the dialog, enter a name as an alias for the API key in the Name field.

  3. Optionally, select an Expiration Date using the calendar tool. The expiration date must occur after the current date, so if the present date or an earlier date is selected, an error will display within the modal and the Save button will be deactivated.

  4. Upon pressing Save, the API key is created and added to the list on the API Keys page. The dialog will display the new key's token and will provide a Copy to Clipboard button. Please securely record the token, as it is stored as a hash and cannot be retrieved once the dialog is closed.

  5. When the token is copied and securely recorded, press Close to terminate the dialog.

Revoke Keys

  1. On the API Keys page, select Revoke Key within the options menu.

  2. An alert box will display prompting the user to confirm the intention to revoke the key.

  3. Press Revoke to confirm. On the API Keys list, a Revoked On date and time will be displayed for the key. All revoked keys will be listed in descending order of revocation date/time below all active keys.

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