Enroll Org in EMM

Enroll Org in EMM

How do I enroll my organization in BlueFletch's EMM?

  1. Login to BlueFletch Portal as an admin.

  2. Go to the Admin tab and select the Enterprise tab below.

  3. Click Enroll Enterprise; page is transferred to a Google Play Bring Android to Work site.

  4. Press Sign In to login to a Google account (NOT a G-Suite account; if logged into a G-Suite account, Get Started option will not be displayed).

  5. Click Get Started.

  6. Enter business name of the organization; EMM provider should be populated by the site as “BlueFletch Mobile, LLC.”

  7. Optional: Enter contact information for Data Protection Officer and EU Representative if the organization is subject to the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The page can be submitted with these fields empty, but they may need to be completed later. For more information, read Android Enterprise GDPR and Register a DPO or EU representative for the GDPR - Managed Google Play Help.

  8. Review and accept the Managed Play Agreement and press Confirm.

  9. Press Complete Sign Up.

  10. Return to BlueFletch Admin > Enterprise tab. A server-generated enterprise name should be listed.

How do I customize details unique to my enterprise, such as name, logo, and terms and conditions?

  1. On Admin > Enterprise tab, press the pencil icon to edit.

  2. Enter a customized name in Display Name.

  3. Enter a publicly accessible URL for the desired logo. A base-64 encoded SHA-256 hash of the URL content will populate on Save.

  4. Under Primary Color, select Edit Color. Choose a color manually from the spectrum or by entering a 7-character HEX code.

  5. Under Signin Details, enter Sign-in URL for authentication when device is provisioned with a sign-in enrollment token. Additional fields can be added or removed.

  6. Under Terms And Conditions, enter header descriptions and content of the terms of use. Additional fields can be added or removed.

  7. Press Save.

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