Chat Channels

User Guide: Chat Manager Tab

Chat Channels is a feature of the BlueFletch Chat application for communication between all members of multiple Chat Roles. Device administrators configure these channels on the BlueFletch Portal Chat Channels page. An administator can select the Chat Roles that will have access to a channel and the degree of access available to each role (View and Post or View Only).

Create Chat Channels

  1. Press the Add Chat Channel button in the upper right corner.

  2. Enter text for the fields Chat Channel Name and (optionally) Description.

  3. Press Add Chat Role under Participating Chat Roles to select the Chat Role(s) that will make up this Chat Channel.

  4. Select the viewing and posting privileges for each participating Chat Role. The selection defaults to View and Post, which allows users with that Chat Role to both view messages from channel members and to send messages to the channel. Setting a Chat Role's privilege to View Only will allow users with that Chat Role to only read posted messages without the ability to send messages themselves.

  5. Press Save to save the new Chat Channel. A Chat Channel Name is the minimum content required to save.

Edit and Delete Chat Channels

  1. To make changes to a Chat Channel, open the options menu and press Edit. On the Edit Chat Channel page, make desired alterations to any field in the Chat Channel, then press Save. In order to save, Chat Channel Name must still have content.

  2. To delete a Chat Channel, open the options menu and press Delete. An alert box will display, prompting confirmation.

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