Release Notes

Release Notes for the BFE Keyboard Application

Release 2.2.16

Released February 2024


Fixed an issue where the percent sign key could not be pressed.

Release 2.2.15

Released January 2024


Updated the SDK version to allow for uploading to PlayStore.


  • Updated SDK version from 28 to 33 and Gradle version from 3.4.1 to 7.4.2.

Release 2.2.14

Released March 2023


Various fixes.


  • Fixed the issue where wrong keyboard is shown if the first/only form field is numeric.

  • Restyled the keys to remove key borders.

  • Added the use of gray background.

  • Increased vertical key padding for ease of use.

  • Fixed a crash when preview is enabled.

Release 2.2.12

Released January 2023


Various fixes and implementation of shift key press to change caps lock.


  • Fixed shift key to reset shift state upon selecting another key.

  • Enabled the caps lock feature if shift is double clicked or long pressed.

  • Updated the customkeyboard to track caps state.

  • Updated the shift key and caps images.

  • Added logic to ignore a held key if a different key is detected performing down / up.

  • Fixed space bar issue by relying on key code check instead of string comparison.

  • Fixed the keyboard logic to properly set the shift state within the keyboard check of caps state.

  • Fixed to not have shift state retained when switching text fields.

  • Fixed the array to list issue by indexing for the first element instead.

  • Dismissed the popup if a pressed key cannot be found upon calling showPopup.

Release 2.2.6

Released December 2022


Fixed issue that caused multiple clicks on same key to be 'ignored' when using the Key Preview feature. The changes included moving the preview key higher and changing the style of the preview key.

Release 2.2.5

Released September 2022


Resolved a null pointer exception during device boot.


  • Added a check for null value within view object.

Release 2.2.4

Released July 2021


Added ability to toggle different keyboard layouts. Feature is controlled by Launcher configuration setting.


  • Added supportToolLib to allow for using timber logging.

  • Started the logic for the toggle keyboard feature.

  • Updated Keyboard Toggle feature to use configuration values from Launcher.

  • Fixed numeric layout to have "1,2,3" be at the top row to match with default keyboard layouts. Reflected similar changes to reverse numeric layout to have "7,8,9" at the top row instead.

Release 2.1.8

Released November 2020


Adjustments for font sizes and key previews.


  • Started German translations.

  • Made adjustments to keyPreview display for API level 28.

  • Adjusted the font size and key previews for landscape keyboard.

  • Removed empty layouts.

  • Various bug fixes.

Release 2.1.8

Released November 2020


Adjustments for Font Sizes and Key Previews.


  • Started german translations

  • Make adjustments to keyPreview display for API level 28

  • Adjust font size and key previews for landscape keyboard

  • Removed empty layouts

  • Various bug fixes

Release 2.1.3

Released September 29, 2020


Various UI changes.


  • Modularize onKey method from KeyboardInputMethodService

  • Update big button layout

  • Rename package

Release 2.0.2

Released March 2, 2020


Redesign of the keyboard.


  • Redesign keyboard layouts to include standard, alphanumeric, big button, numeric and reverse numeric layouts

  • Add input field type detection

  • Driven by configuration file

  • Add different user feedback options

  • Add option for key previews while typing

Release 1.1.4

Released December 16, 2019


Initial release of the keyboard.

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