Message Logs

User Guide: Chat Manager Tab

Message Logs

The BlueFletch Portal displays all Chat text communications within an organization on the Message Logs page.

For each message, there is a column displaying the date and time sent (Sent on), the ID of the site that the users were communicating from (Site), the ID of the user receiving the message (Receiver), the ID of the user sending the message (Sender), and the text of the message (Message).

Search, Filter, & Sort Message Logs

Message Logs can be searched, filtered, and sorted. Text entered into the search bar will return data for messages including that text. The message search will apply within any filters set on the page. The filters can be accessed by pressing the triangular filter icon to the right of the search bar.

The Date/Time filter range defaults to the organization's Dashboard Timeframe (hours), but can be edited via a calendar selector to a preset range (past 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days) or to any custom date and/or time range.

The Site filter defaults to displaying all sites - potentially including sites that do not belong to the current site list activated on the Enterprise Launcher - Sites page. If a current site list is active, the Site filter will only allow filtering by sites from the current site list. Multiple sites may be selected when filtering.

When applied, the Receiver and Sender filters will display only the messages sent to and/or from the selected device user IDs. Multiple user IDs may be selected for each filter.

Message Logs' columns have arrow icons to sort the data in order of any column, ascending or descending. By default, the logs are sorted by the Sent on column descending (i.e. from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom).

Press the Export Data button in the upper right corner to download a CSV file of all currently filtered data.

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