Creating a Configuration

User Guide: Enterprise Launcher Tab


The Enterprise Launcher tab is where to go to manage the home screen for rugged devices, specifically for use in a shared device model. Here the user will be able to edit or delete their Launcher configurations, download a configuration to the devices by scanning the QR Code, and send notifications to devices.

Creating A Configuration

BEST PRACTICE TIPS : Multiple configurations can be created for the organization. These configurations can be edited either on the BlueFletch Portal, on an IDE, or in a text editor. If configurations are built within an IDE or text editor, copy and paste the configs into the raw config editor on the Portal and be sure to update configuration versions and include descriptions for updates.

Viewing the Raw Configuration

Customizable Sections

More information about any of the fields within any tab can be viewed in the Launcher Configuration Documentation.




Group Inclusion




The Authorization tab allows the admin to specify which means of authorization the device will use. More information about authorization can be found in the Authorization Documentation.






The Additional tab allows the admin to specify certain package to disable within the device, any extended attributes to include, and notification broker info.

Disable Packages

Extended Attributes


Secure Notifications

The Secure Notifications feature is a custom notification tray to be used as a replacement for the default Android System notification tray. This feature will allow device administrators to lock-down the notifications display and give them the ability to control which notifications are presented to the user. The "Whitelist" and "Blacklist" fields contain a list of packages to either suppress from display notifications or allow them to display notifications. A package can be added to either list by clicking ADD PACKAGE TO BLACKLIST or ADD PACKAGE TO WHITELIST. A package can be deleted by clicking the delete icon located to the right of any package.

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