Installing Playbook in EMM

Feature: Playbook and EMM Together


This is to explain how to integrate Playbook MDM with an EMM Policy.

The general steps will allow for creating an EMM Policy that installs the enterprise installer application, Playbook Agent, during device enrollment, then allow for Playbook Agent to manage application installation via Deployment Groups and Playbooks.

Note This assumes your organization has access to the EMM Console and Playbook MDM.


  1. Create a Playbook and Deployment Group. This Deployment Group will be the initial group that devices will be assigned to. Make note of the Deployment Group ID.

  2. Get your Organization ID.

  3. Create an EMM Policy.

  4. Within the EMM Policy, go to Account & Application tab. Add the application Playbook. The Package Name will be 'com.bluefletch.ems.staging.playbook'. (STAGING SYSTEM ONLY, needs updated for Production).

  5. Edit the Application, click on 'Managed' configurations.

  6. Within the Manage configurations, set the Organization Id and Deployment Group Id. Make sure to give the Managed Configuration a name.

  7. Go to the EMM Policy Provisioning Tab.

  8. Enter a 'Title', 'Description', and set the Package Name to 'com.bluefletch.ems.staging.playbook'. (STAGING SYSTEM ONLY, needs updated for Production).

  9. Make other Policy changes as desired.

  10. Apply now.

  11. Create an Enrollment Token and enroll devices.

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Managed Configurations Example

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