Release Notes

Release Notes for the BFE Device Finder Application

Release 2.8.9


Resolved issue where Device Finder was not being deployed to devices without a GPS radio.


  • Made the GPS feature not required and removed the need for QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission.

Release 2.8.8


Various fixes for exceptions and crashes. Fixed an issue when running Device Finder on Android 9 devices.


  • Updated to create the crash handler earlier in the application life cycle.

  • Added a try/catch around the beacon transmitter logic.

  • Added additional permission settings for Android 13 Bluetooth support.

  • Added a try / catch around the Bluetooth adapter logic.

  • Updated the beacon support library to a newer version.

  • Updated the beacon usage with a new BeaconOverride model to allow for overriding the writeBoolean method, as it is not supported on Android 9.

  • Added additional updates to the beacon parsing logic to ensure proper data bytes are read.

  • Resolved an exception where there are no record counts available, as the logic was waiting for a server response.

  • Updated the Crash Handler to version 3.0.3.

Release 2.8.1

Released July 2023


Application logging updates and changed mapping source to Open Street View.


  • Changed the Beacon service log level to verbose.

  • Added API resource error logging information.

  • Changed mapping source form Wiki Media to Open Street View.

  • Updated the Map View to contain an attribution to OpenStreet view data.

  • Updated project to use new Support Lib AAR for Android 13 support.

Release 2.7.3

Released April 2023


General fixes and performance updates.


  • Updated the use of the ViewModel to share device list data across multiple UI fragments.

  • Fixed the site change update within the UI display.

  • Updated some fo the API request logging to display errors.

  • Added a token fetcher that wraps the Device token fetch logic. It now verifies that Key Management is enabled before getting the device token.

Release 2.7.1


API security updates utilizing the Key Management feature provided by BlueFletch Launcher.


  • Added logic to retrieve device token from Launcher via DeviceTokenHelper.

  • Added device token to all API requests.

  • Updated targetSdkVersion to 32 and updated other project dependencies.

  • Updated the project to reference Host URL within the Build.gradle file.

  • Added logic to allow for overriding Host URL from the Launcher configuration to allow for beta testing.

Release 2.6.22


Various performance fixes and improved device battery usage.


  • Removed redundant API call for device list.

  • Fixed blank GPS distance on initial launch. Added a badge icon type of 'none' to remove badge display.

  • Fixed device history insertion order by using LinkedHashMap.

  • Fixed date and time display of timezone when parsing the UTC datetime.

  • Added lifecycle-extensions library to stop the beacon scan when the application is in background.

  • Updated implementation of bf-ui-styles.

  • Updated abbreviation of plural time strings.

  • Adjusted implementation of last seen time and device status.

  • Updated API requests to include the deviceId in the request header.

  • Updated the support libraries.

Release 2.6.16


Ability to start the beacon service during device startup, various fixes for date / time displays, and resolved some application crashes.


  • Added default implementation for various system callbacks to prevent crashing on devices below Android R.

  • Added an ID filter for Beacon Information within the Device Details display.

  • Added a silent activity for initialization of the beacon service.

  • Fixed localization and timezone formatting for date and time.

  • Fixed the DateUtil for timezone based parsing.

  • Fixed theme name typo and added transparent theme. Removed action main from silent init activity.

Release 2.6.11


General stabilty changes. Also a new configuration section was introduced specifically for device finder in the Launcher. Use of the new configuration settings Will require Launcher 3.16.13 or above.


  • Updated the BeaconService to a stand-alone class.

  • Added logic to ensure Bluetooth is running and permissions are granted before retrieving data.

  • Moved visual progress to MainActivity.

  • Cancel the device fetch when activity goes to background.

  • Ensured lifecycle is at least RESUMED when fragment transaction is committing.

  • Updated project to use the updated Launcher Provider.

  • Removed the map view menu if disabled.

  • Do not use the beacon service if disabled.

  • Added missingThresholdInHours in configuration.

  • Reverted the ping button disable and added a pingDisabledCustomText configuration.

  • Updated the ping custom text enabled functionality.

  • Upldated to load configurations during the onCreate and logic to prevent a crash when going to map view.

Release 2.6.8


General updates to the UI, added a new Beacon feature, and allow for Device Map to locate other devices.


  • Added Location Permissions utility.

  • Added Beacon Service utilizing the Android Beacon library.

  • Updated Manifest for new Beacon service actions and location permission.

  • Adjusted Beacon Service to enable stop and start foreground actions.

  • Adjusted Application class to use start foreground and beacon transmit only.

  • Adjusted DeviceInfo model for beaconId field.

  • Added Beacon Information card to Device Details.

  • Added LocationHelper for Finder last known location.

  • Updated manifest for bluetooth permission and provider feature.

  • Updated DeviceInfoBeacon model and added last known location.

  • Added implementation of Beacon Service into Main Activity.

  • Updated LocationUtil validateCoordinate, to prevent storing validated location.

  • Updated Beacon Service channel notification for importance and sound config.

  • Added Support Library INIT to application.

  • Adjusted the targetSdkVersion.

  • Added additional checking for null coordinates.

  • Added exception handling for Config Settings and replaced printStackTrace loggging.

  • Updated implementation of checking distance between Finder and device list.

  • Added query all packages permission to fix Android 11 missing Device Id.

  • Updated implementation of device statuses to improve performance.

  • Adjusted formatting of distance.

  • Adjusted implementation of device status to Device Details and Map.

  • Adjusted UI to prevent display overlaps.

  • Adjusted additional UI to prevent overlap of details.

  • Adjusted implementation of device list refresh.

  • Adjusted Beacon Service foreground notifications and consolidated into one.

  • Added the ability to disable ping device and/or disable selection of custom message.

  • Added an updated error message when the Device Ping is disabled on the server/org but not disabled on the device.

  • Added Application ID as user agent for MapView Check if Beacon service already started when checking permisison.

  • Removed Audio option for Ping Device.

  • Added max limit to Custom Message input.

  • Changed "Not Reporting" status logic to compare if the last known event time difference is greater than the threshold.

  • Fixed warnings in Device Detail map view.

  • Added markers in Map View of all devices (Last known location).

  • Refreshed the UI of the Device List and Main Activity.

  • Applied UI enhancements to Map View.

  • Adjusted not reporting and added cradled checking.

  • Fixed issue where coordinates were having null or "0.0" values.

  • Updated Device Details UI.

  • Updated Device Details Map history UI.

  • Added UI enhancements to Ping Device.

  • Moved Ping Device to Card View.

  • Made the location pins reflect the chip state of the devices.

  • Adjusted Device Lost checking.

  • Adjusted Device ID to ellipsize start instead of the end.

  • Added text input for custom message.

  • Added device model and status in the Map Marker InfoWindow.

  • Fixed collapse and disable toggle of Map View if there's no available locations.

  • Removed animation when toggling Map View and List View.

  • Adjusted Last Seen text format within the Device List item.

  • Removed repeated calling of resources and context in mapView.

  • Updated date displays to use Device default date.

  • Adjusted zoom level of map in Device Information History from 20 to 17.

  • Adjusted animation of Send Ping from slide up to fade.

  • Changed Menu Item fontFamily to OpenSans.

Release 2.5.12


Updated underlying libraries.


  • Updated code to see if it has a device id.

  • Updated EMS Crash library and Support Libraries to new verions.

  • Updated the pipeline build image for new Andriod device SDK versions.

  • Updated Launcher Provider version and updated logic to use SupportAgentConfig when getting the support settings.

Release 2.5.9

Released September 1, 2021


Added EMS exception handler library to report errors to Support Dashboard.


  • Added EMS exception handler library to report errors to Support Dashboard.

  • Fixed crash around poorly formed event url.

Release 2.5.1

Released March 25, 2021


UI cleanup and various fixes.


  • Cleanup UI, allow for long serial numbers

  • Display last user in device list

  • Simplify and fix incorrect history time calculation

  • Migrate to Android X

  • Add calligraphy to use same font as Launcher/Auth

  • Use material widgets instead of custom buttons

  • Remove Butterknife, switched to Jetpack view binding

Release 2.4.1

Released December 17, 2020


Support for Android 10 and general bug fixes.


  • Android 10 Device Id support.

  • Fix string typos.

  • Additional German text translations.

Release 2.3.9

Released October 30, 2020


General bug fixes.


  • Various bug fixes.

  • Added support for application logging uploads.

  • Added German language support.

Release 2.1.1

Released September 9, 2019


Initial release of the application.

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