Event Explorer

User Guide: Support Agent Tab

Event Explorer

As devices report back to Support Agent in the BlueFletch Portal, the BigQuery database collects multiple events from each individual device, ranging from the device ID, to the start charge level, to the bandwidth details, and more. Event Explorer returns SQL queries run by the user as a data table.

For assistance with writing queries in SQL, see Google Cloud's BigQuery documentation mentioned in the query field.

Running a Query

Use the default SQL query or write one that targets the specific columns (SELECT statement) or column content (WHERE statement) desired. Narrow the query to a manageable and relevant range with a LIMIT statement or a WHERE statement that limits the time range, such as in the default query. Click on the play button to run the query.

The query will generate a table of matching results from the BigQuery database.

Hover over the name of a column and select the hamburger menu to retroactively filter the data by columns or column contents.

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