Device Issues

Troubleshooting Device Issues

How do I issue Android Debug Bridge (adb) commands from a computer to a managed/dedicated device?

  1. adb will not be available if the company device has “Debugging Features Allowed” disabled, which is the default setting.

  2. In EMM Console, in the Security section of the policy, enable “Debugging Features Allowed.”

  3. On the device, check if Developer options are present in Settings > System.

  4. If Developer options are not present, enable them by going to About phone in Settings and clicking Build number 5 times.

  5. In Developer options, enable “USB debugging”.

  6. Connect the device to the computer via USB and allow USB debugging when the dialogue displays on the device.

  7. On the computer, in the command prompt/terminal run the command adb devices to verify that the computer and device are bridged. Further commands and device manipulation can proceed from there. See Android Debug Bridge (adb) for additional guidance.

How do I regain control of a device that is stuck offline?

  1. A managed or dedicated device with restrictions on network configuration will stop receiving policy changes if it is off of mobile data and other network connections (most commonly WiFi).

  2. Check on the policy or on the device if factory reset or enterprise reset is allowed (Settings > System > Reset options).

  3. Conduct a factory or enterprise reset from Settings if allowed, and follow steps in the “Provisioning” documentation to re-enroll the device.

  4. If factory and enterprise reset are disabled in Settings via policy, look up instructions on the device manufacturer’s website for booting into recovery mode. Then follow steps in the “Provisioning” section to re-enroll the device.

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