Local Admin Password

Instructions for changing the Local Admin Password within the Launcher.

By default, the password is not part of the configuration file, but can be added/modified through updating the launcher configuration. The actual password value should is an SHA256 hash of the actual password.

To change the password, add/modify the adminPassword field under settings with an SHA256 hash of the password. Then push the new configuration to the device. Example below:

"settings" : {
    "adminPassword": "d4548952d6815a2d07efbddaa6cfdf81d910121ea4ec094e182b02503214bc92"

Steps to Update Launcher Config

  1. Determine new password.

  2. Generate the hash using one of two methods below:

    1. Plug Password into a SHA256 hash generator, ie. https://academo.org/demos/SHA-256-hash-generator/

    2. Run on Mac command line echo -n adpass321 | shasum -a 256 | awk '{ print $1 }'

  3. Update the configuration with the generated value.

  4. Once this configuration file is read by the Launcher, this new password will be required to access local admin.

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