Release Notes

Release Notes for the BFE Playbook Tools Application

Release 3.10.3

Released February 2024


Fixes for Playbook status reporting and job scheduling.


  • Fixed the logic that detects if agent should sync based on Cradle status. Logic was inadvertently using configuration settings instead of settings supplied from the server.

  • Fixed a bug with posting status to server during service shutdown. Logic now waits until status is posted prior to service shutdown.

  • Added additional logging.

  • Fixed the job sync schedule to properly check for changes in schedule type after Playbook sync processing.

  • Cleaned up the Silent Init activity.

  • Fixed Android 13 check for job schedule error condition.

Release 3.9.2

Released January 2024


Security updates for Download Manager and additional logging for EMDK responses. Fixed issue with setting the timezone on Zebra devices.


  • Added XML Parsing of the EMDK response to allow for more detailed error messaging.

  • Fixed platform logic for setting the timezone on Zebra devices.

  • Added Debug logging within services.

  • Added logic to set network security configurations to allow Android Download Manager to download from servers that have self signed certificates.

  • Added post notification permission to support changes for Android 14.

Release 3.8.16

Released November 2023


Added logic to update the Portal Play status in a more timely manner. Fixed corner case exceptions and added additional process logging.


  • Added error message logging for installation package comparison error.

  • Updated the Device ID Service with additional logging.

  • Updated the Device ID install failure condition to allow for starting up the old Device ID application that is on the device.

  • Updated the startup logic that if the Device ID application is on the device but not returning an ID, allow it time to start up.

  • Fixed a service exception when the device is not registered, to ensure the service is not invoked.

  • Fixed the message status to use the proper thread looper.

  • Updated the EMDK usage to ensure the MX Services have been started.

  • Fixed corner case exception for null intent.

  • Updated logging within the download utility.

  • Updated Device ID application to 1.5.2.

  • Updated the Crash Handler and Key Management AARs.

  • Added logic to post the status of the Playbook processing when starting a play and when completing a play.

  • Added try / catch within Cradle service to catch an intent issue.

  • Fixed the EMDK Stage Now profile name logic.

  • Updated all plays with additional logging information during start processing.

  • Updated the Action Install to verify the package version got properly installed.

  • Updated the Install Action to log out the file size of the downloaded file.

  • Turned off the auto delete of files prior to downloading applications and added additional logging.

Release 3.8.4

Released July 2023


Bug fixes.


  • Fixed the uninstall Play action for Zebra devices.

  • Updated the Play Update service logic to not use EventBus during status reporting.

  • Fixed the Request Playbook service to shutdown if the device is not registered.

  • Added permission requests for Storage and Draw Over.

  • Fixed corner case within the application download where a package name is not supplied for use with the temporary file name.

Release 3.8.2

Released July 2023


Bug fixes.


  • Fixed the isZebra device platform check.

  • Updated the Device Setup status UI to account for setting additional permissions.

  • Reset the extra permissions flag.

Release 3.8.1

Released July 2023


New download progress indication support, various bug fixes, and updates to how Device ID is used.


  • Added Platform indicators for which operations are supported within the device platform.

  • Added Lock Device feature flag.

  • Changed the file path provider to be part of the AAR. Added permissions support to the Generic platform to support Samsung devices.

  • Set Generic Platform device support to true.

  • Added an indicator to each play type to identify if file storage permission access is needed for the play to execute properly.

  • Updated Support Library for Android 13 support.

  • Updated Open Source library information with OpenStreetMap reference.

  • Added logic to track the download status and report the number of bytes downloaded.

  • Updated the device ID retry limits to wait 30 seconds before retrying.

  • Refactored the Device ID application check logic.

  • Updated Device ID application to 1.5.1.

  • Refactored some logic to ensure EMDK is closed after Device ID installation, to free up for Device ID application usage.

Release 3.7.13

Released June 2023


Registration process updates.


  • Added timeout logic to the Device ID load.

  • Fixed display to show Playbook Status view in EMM mode.

  • Cleaned up use of Log.d statements to use Timber.

  • Added a wait to the Device ID Service in an attempt to get the proper Serial Number from Zebra.

Release 3.7.10

Released June 2023


Registration process updates and better support for Honeywell devices. Moved all admin features to a password protected sub-menu.


  • Added logic to read the override settings from the registration response.

  • Fixed the version comparison logic to support how Zebra includes dashes in build node.

  • Updated logic to read the Host and Logs Host from Managed Configurations settings.

  • Added new Admin sub-menu and placed admin features under the menu.

  • Added Admin password check to the Admin menu.

  • Refactored the password check to account for Launcher not being installed.

  • Moved the unregister feature to a menu under the Admin menu.

  • Fixed null checks within managed configurations logic.

  • Added error display messaging and logging if a device is blocked from getting device keys.

  • Added Sync UI Activity.

  • Fixed Honeywell crash on startup that results from A10 update of Intent flags.

  • Updated Playbook Agent to support the EMS Platform Services.

  • Updated the Sync UI to redirect to the Main UI if the device is not registered.

  • Fixed the unregister logic.

  • Added logic to check for the device ID being set. If need be, during EMM setup, will generate a UUID to use, and will save to preferences.

  • Changed the permissions setting logic to invoke permissions for all Playbook permissions, then do the UI callback.

  • Added logic to remove Playbook agent from battery optimization on Zebra devices.

  • Changed the display label of the sync activity to 'Sync' to distinguish it from the Main UI.

  • Updated the get Device ID calls to use the application context for consistency.

  • Fixed the unregistration logic to use the API Key or the Device Token.

  • Fixed the Download Install action to re-use the APK download location.

Release 3.6.7

Released February 15, 2023


Updates to support Android 11 file permission changes and logic for using the Key Management token.


  • Updated the build gradle files for Android 11 libraries.

  • Updated the download filepaths to not rely on external storage if Android OS is less than version R.

  • Migrated the project to use AndroidX libraries.

  • Added intent extras support.

  • Updated the ActionDownload and ActionInstall logic to use the API Key in request headers.

  • Updated to use the Key Management library, producing public key and generating device token which is supplied to all headers for data services requests.

  • Updated the device token set to refresh at interval supplied by organization settings. When Key Management is not used, Playbook Agent uses the organization API Key.

  • Updated the Request PlaybookService to refresh the device token to ensure public key is up to date when the service starts.

  • Updated the project for new Android SDK version.

  • Fixed the logic to get the host URL from preference manager.

  • Fixed the Organization Configuration logic to check for null values and empty strings.

  • Updated the Download Helper to use device Id in request header.

  • Updated the install download file name to include the package name.

  • Updated project to use the new Agent Updater application.

  • Removed the EMDK Jar from the project.

  • Added additional application logging.

Release 3.5.21

Released February 7, 2022


Updates to the underlying libraries and support binaries.


  • Updated the Support library AAR and EMS exception handler AAR to newer versions.

  • Added the Device ID application version 1.4.1 to Playbook application.

  • Re-implemented a platform method to execute Zebra platform XMLs.

Release 3.5.18

Released September 1, 2021


Initial Support for Honeywell devices, various fixes, and additional integration points with Platform Services. Updated Device Id application support.


  • Added EMS exception handler library to report errors to Support Dashboard.

  • Added logic to give Playbook System Alert window access, so that it can properly start applications on Android 10. Also, change the intent start for Device id.

  • Implemented upgrade and isntall interaction with platformservice.

  • Changed package name lookup to be more specific.

  • Added Methods to indicate if the Device has Playbook interaction support.

  • Updated Playbook to use new device Id apk for Honeywell.

  • Updated underlying support libraries.

  • Updated builds to use latest support library that fixes Android 10 log reporting via device Id.

Release 3.4.2

Released December 10, 2020


Support for Android 10.


  • New German string translations.

  • Android 10 Device Id and ability to read SD Card

Release 3.3.10

Released November 2020


Changed Sync during device cradle processing, and fixed reboot issues.


  • Internationalization for Playbook

  • Update german translations from review

  • Remove Protected List info from Uninstall

  • Logic to track the Last Play to cause a reboot

  • Fixed Play Reboot on install flag

  • Refactored the reboot compliance checking

  • Added Try / Catch handler around get Platform logic, as sometimes EMDK class not loaded

  • Version compliance check change for package uninstall

  • Set Alarm to Poll only during device Cradle. If the Scheduled alarm fires, ie every 2 hours, then only do the sync if the device is cradled. Based on the Org setting

  • Fix emass to ems and add disable lint check for all translations

  • The Org Settings are in SECONDS, not Minutes. thus need to covert the value to milliseconds

  • Changed how Alarm Job Service works. If cradled and option for only poll on cradle, then create a foreground service to track disconnect and to do the alarm

  • More Logging. Little wait when closing the Foreground service to allow proper job scheduling to be set

  • Update Support Lib Version

  • Changed the code for testing if service is running. previous code was deprecated

  • Logic to test if charging via USB, and if lose USB connection, wait to see if fixes self

  • Wait for 2 seconds then retest charge status

  • More logging and additional testing to ensure service is running during job cradle

  • Reset the Notification message after processing completion while device cradled

Release 3.3.0

Released September 17, 2020


Support StageNow XML processing and fix for EMM processing of Managed Configuration of Deployment Group.


  • Allow for processing StageNow XML

  • Support for Play versioning, compares the LAST compliant version with the Play/action version, if different, will apply the play,

  • Set the play version and display in the ui

  • Fix for EMM processing, if the application is currently enrolled in a Deployment Group, then Managed configuration changes are ignored

Release 3.1.7

Released August 24, 2020


Additional changes to support EMM Registration


  • Package version comparion updates for packages that do not follow semantic versioning

  • Datawedge file updated for new Package names

  • EMM Registration UI

  • Menu option to submit logs

Release 3.1.2

Released August 21, 2020


Additional changes for EMM Registration Support


  • Various bug fixes

  • Update logic to Close the Application on EMM Setup Action, if the device is already registered in the Organization and the device is being moved to another policy

  • Allow for registration via scan code during EMM setup

  • Added Global Error handler

Release 3.0.2

Released August 20, 2020


Support for new versions of Android and allow registrations by Org Id. Additional Device state information sent to server.


  • added foreground permissions

  • If the Package Version of the PLAY is less than currently installed and the FORCE flag is false, then do not download

  • If the File already exist on the system, then do not download

  • Refactor Package Names. Change application name. EMM version do not auto update. Updated support library. Updated barcode scanner library. Fixed null pointer

  • Registration by Organization Id and Deployment Group Id within managed configuration settings.

  • Whenever an update is sent to server, send the PlayState.

  • If there is a configuration object, and no overrides, then use the data from configuration to set the Override

  • Ensure during Application overinstall that the default configurations are not wiping out registered information

  • Changes to the Alarm reciever for Android 9+

  • For each API request, add additional device information

  • Changed how files are shared on BASE android device

Release 2.3.1

Released January 31, 2020


Refreshed Icons and checksum of download files.


  • Updated the app icon

  • Clean up downloaded files

  • Updated directories, and more clean up logic

  • Added logic to check sum files prior to moving to correct location

Release 2.1.2

Released October 9, 2019


Changes to support Android Oreo, moving from Receivers to Services, along with using Job Scheduler. Some file processing fixes.


  • Updated to new support tool lib

  • Fixed downloads if file is the same. Debug logging

  • Initial work to move Playbook to service for receiver

  • init changes for Notifications per foreground service and the new job scheduler

  • Scheduling via Job Scheduler

  • Added logic to receive a Message from EMS Messaging system

Release 2.1.1

Released September 29, 2019


Icon update with Fixes during Un-registering of device.


  • Set the version code when un-register successful

  • Changed icon for playbook

  • Updated the libs.json

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