Support Application


The BlueFletch Support Application is an Android-based application and background service designed to collect and send market-leading, device-specific data to the Google Cloud Platform. You can leverage Support Application features to gain greater visibility and control of critical, real-time data through the Support Analytics tab on the EMS web portal. This will help to manage and support Android-based device ecosystems more efficiently.

  • Collect 25+ hardware data points such as battery health, network, and vendor-exposed data every thirty minutes.

  • Collect data such as OS version, patches, reboots, restarts, installed app version, and app usage time for device validation.

  • Collect usage data, heartbeat events, and other custom data attributes through custom and third-party apps.

  • Store data in the cloud and view it from a customizable dashboard with KPIs and ad-hoc queries.

  • Send data to the GPC backend by default or feed into third-party analytics tools such as Splunk, Power BI, etc.

Support Application equips end users with proactive self-service options and device-specific data for faster troubleshooting, less device downtime, and cutting back on help desk volume.

How does Support Application help end users?

  • Device data is easily accessible for quick, self-guided diagnosis and repair.

  • Self-service password reset is readily available to reduce call times and help desk costs.

  • Easily open a ServiceNow ticket with relevant device information for expedited troubleshooting.

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