BlueFletch Launcher


The BlueFletch Enterprise Launcher is a highly secure and customizable home screen replacement for shared Android workforce devices that ties into all major Identity Providers. Through its enterprise single sign-on (SSO), role-based app access, and modern re-authentication methods, users can have fast and reliable access to business-critical applications and data.

Frictionless Login Experience: Eliminate the need to recall or repeatedly enter your username and password. Get immediate and secure access to all web, mobile, legacy, and 3rd party apps through secure single sign-on.

Seamless Integration with Major IdPs: Provide the fastest login experience possible to authenticate users. Tie into your existing identity providers (IdPs) such as Okta, Office365, Google Auth, Ping, and Active Directory/LDAP.

Modern Re-Authentication Methods: Instantly access devices and apps instead of fumbling with login credentials. Support multiple re-authentication methods such as NFC, FaceRec, Fingerprint Biometrics, Barcode, and PIN for added ease of use.

Advanced Security Features: Prevent non-authorized users from accessing sensitive company data. Configure apps by user role, block side-loaded app installation, clear data on logout, and remotely disable access to settings.

Total Device Visibility: Safeguard Android device fleets and reduce device loss with integrated support tooling. Capture login/logout events, view login and user data, trigger built-in low battery alerts, and find missing devices using network access points.

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