Getting Started

Before you begin

  1. Request a free trial BFE account by emailing

  2. Once you have a BFE account, log into the BFE Portal using your account credentials.

  3. Follow the steps below to quickly get Device Finder up and running on your device.

About this task

This tutorial describes how to set up and activate BlueFletch Device Finder to manage your devices. The BlueFletch Device Finder installation process consists of several components, including the Device Finder application, configuration files, and other dependencies.

In the instructions below, you'll learn how to:

  • Setting a device finder configuration.

  • Activating the beacon service.

Setting a Device Finder Configuration

To configure the deviceFinder object in the Launcher Configuration file:

  1. Open the file and locate the deviceFinder object.

  2. Add key-value pairs such as "pingDeviceEnabled" and "mapViewEnabled" to control features like device pinging and map display.

  3. Save the file. Restart the Device Finder application. Once the configuration file has been saved, it is now available for use.

Activating the Beacon Service

To enable this feature:

  1. Open the Launcher Configuration file and locate the "beaconEnabled" key within the deviceFinder object.

  2. Set the value of "beaconEnabled" to "true" to activate the Beacon Service.

  3. Restart the Device Finder application. The Beacon Service feature is now available for use.

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