Release Notes

Release Notes for the BFE Support Application

Release 5.18.7

Released February 2024


Added a new Network Statistic event, added a Device Rename event. Fixed various exceptions.


  • Updated the Launcher Provider AAR.

  • Added new alarm receiver for Network Stats.

  • Updated other internal receivers for Android 14 flags for exported receivers.

  • Added new Network Stats event.

  • Added new database table to store raw information. Updated dev UI to account for event generation and database table view.

  • Added two new Network Stats alarms, one for Stats Sampling and the other for Uploading the stats.

  • Added a manual migration to create new internal table.

  • Updated the default values for the Network Stats event. Maximum interval time is 24 hours.

  • Added new action to allow for restarting all Support Agent alarms and receivers. This action is to be used when the configuration is updated and a reboot is not desired.

  • Fixed the FindMe dialog when displayed in landscape.

  • Added UTC formatted 'begin' and 'end' times to the Network Statistic event.

  • Updated logic to send a 'rename ' event when the device ID changes from a GUID to a non-GUID (serial number).

  • Fixed corner case issue where the Device ID application is installed, but has not determined the device ID and has returned an empty string.

  • Updated the Battery collector to NOT create a database instance. The logic is updated to pass one instance through to the collector where needed.

  • Fixed device log messages during the deleting of old data.

  • Added try / catches around database deletion of old data.

  • Updated Network database update to check for null values before inserting into the database.

  • Added database close within Power receiver logic.

Release 5.17.3

Released January 2024


Allow for reporting Speed Test results to Portal, allow for requesting start and stop of RxLogger (Zebra devices only). Registered external application logs are now sent to Portal for viewing.


  • Removed duplicate setNetwork within Heartbeat event.

  • Added logic to report new event for Speed test invocations.

  • Updated logic for starting RxLogger. Now able to receive an MQTT message to stop or start the RxLogger processing. A Support Event is generated indicating the RxLogger start / stop.

  • Updated the Help Desk Fragment to change the RxLogger button display.

  • Refactored the Speed Test task into a separate service.

  • Refactored Speed Test into a separate feature, away from UI.

  • Refactored the Speed Test logic to allow for running in a Service. This allows for background invocation of a speed test from the Portal.

  • Updated timber logs for Speed Test, and fixed the bytes per sec calculation.

  • Updated Speed Test feature to support starting via broadcast intent.

  • Fixed app log details information.

  • Added support for uploading external application logs to the EMS Portal.

  • Updated the submit logs feature to zip the External 3rd party logs.

  • Removed references to userUseOnlyWifi setting.

Release 5.16.5

Released September 2023


Fixes for GPS Active Location tracking, sending of the Install Applications event, and requesting of Draw Over permissions. Also updated logic for device logs submission.


  • Updated device logging logic to allow for non-BlueFletch applications to submit device logs.

  • Added additional logging to the Logs Collection, to help determine which files are being processed.

  • Fixed the Submit Logs service to send the 'support' event whenever the Support Logs is used.

  • Fixed the OnBoot logic to send the Installed Applications event regardless of power connection state.

  • Updated the startup logic to set flag to send Installed Applications event if the device as been running for over 5 minutes.

  • Updated the Boot Receiver to start the Installed Applications service.

  • Updated the Heartbeat Service to determine if it needs to start the Installed Applications service.

  • Updated Package Installer service to indicate that Installed Applications event needs to be generated.

  • Updated code to turn on Active Location Tracking by default.

  • Added android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS to manifest for Android 13 support.

  • Fixed logic with Active Location tracking to set location requests for active providers only.

  • Updated device logging to include the event name.

  • Updated the Heartbeat Service to request configuration change testing.

  • Fixed an issue in Find Me Activity where the listener for phone state changes was inadvertently removed.

  • Updated the permissions checking that if running on Zebra device, and Launcher is installed, do not prompt for Draw Over Permissions.

  • Added null checks within the Network UI display to account for data not returned when the agent does not have Draw Over permissions.

Release 5.15.15

Released August 2023


Support for reporting Ethernet IP addresses.


  • Updated Support Agent to detect Ethernet connections and report the IP Address.

  • Updated the network information for Ethernet display.

  • Updated the Support library AAR for Android 13.

  • Updated Open Source library information with OpenStreetMap reference.

Release 5.15.13

Released April 2023


Various fixes for permission requesting.


  • Fixed the Low Storage event generation to ignore the system level calculations.

  • Removed unused permissions from the manifest.

  • Added logic to see if the Draw Over setting is available on a device. The application will ignore asking for Draw Over permissions if the feature is not available on the device.

Release 5.15.11

Released March 21, 2023


Stop Find Me alarm if the current user is actively in a phone call. Added Bluetooth Low Energy tracking event and "appevent" events for ProGlove connect and disconnect events.


  • Added logic to skip Find Me alarm if user is in a call.

  • Added Bluetooth BLE event that gets generated during Heartbeat processing or during a ProGlove connection.

  • Fixed exception that occurs on Network UI display during speed test.

  • Added logic to disconnect the monitoring BLE connection service when done with data sampling.

  • Added logic to properly report the disconnected state of the ProGlove device. The ProGlove application sends a disconnected state even when the device is disconnected.

Release 5.15.7

Released February 23, 2023


Added new historical application usage event trigger, ability to start RxLogger on Zebra devices, and ability to override the Low Battery alarm sound.


  • Updated logic to support new action to send application historical data.

  • Updated the support application to handle Schedule Alarm permissions within Android 13.

  • Updated the MainActivity permissions logic.

  • Updated the Bluetooth collector to handle missing permission.

  • Added logic to start the RxLogger via a button on the Help Desk UI.

  • Updated the RxLogger timer expiration display.

  • Added a check for the Bluetooth Connect permission.

  • Added a notification tray warning display if the Support Application is missing a permission.

  • Fixed the RxLogger button for 'Stop' and 'Start' text change.

  • Updated the Support Application to allow for using a different sound for Low Battery alarm.

  • Implemented volume setting changes for Find Me alarm and Low battery alarm.

  • Removed the short notification test logic within alarm logic.

  • Added logic to verify the existence of the Find Me audio files if coming from a content provider, such as Launcher.

Release 5.14.10

Released February 6, 2023


Various fixes for missing data points, refactoring of how the AppUsage event tracking is accomplished based on changes within Android 11, 12 and 13. Fixes for Find Me activity display.


  • Added additional application logging.

  • Fixed the event reprocessing logic to not look at the Event type. This resolves an issue where failed events were not getting processed.

  • Fixed the stack trace reporting.

  • Added early escape to prevent audio spam.

  • Added logic to dismiss Find Me activity when back button is pressed.

  • Added FLAG_ACTIVITY_REORDER_TO_FRONT and FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP to prevent activity launch spam for Find Device.

  • Added French translation for Software Dashboard Item.

  • Updated the Network session logic to set information on all network session events. There are cases where the event did not have the full network / GPS / battery data.

  • Updated the logic within application usage event to only worry about the packages used during sampling time frame.

  • Updated the interval helper to save last Appusage information into shared preferences, instead of being a static in-memory work area.

  • Updated the AppUsage check and settings for the end range of the duration.

  • Refactoring of the AppUsage event logic for better tracking of duration.

Release 5.14.4

Released December 20, 2022


Added addtional language translations for French-Belgium and French-Netherlands. Updated the download action feature to allow for local files to be imported.


  • Added French-Belgium and French-Netherlands translations.

  • Updated the download action receiver to accept a local file for configuration.

  • Updated the download action to ensure a valid organization ID is supplied within the configuration and the intent.

Release 5.14.2

Released December 13, 2022


Added a new event indicating that the Support Application is missing permissions and fixed the reporting of Application Usage permission within field permissionsAppUsage. This version of Support Application will report data even if the application does not have appropriate permissions.


  • Added logic for reporting missing permissions event.

  • Added permission checking of android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW.

  • Added "missingpermissions" in EventNames class file.

  • Addressed all crashes and errors associated with missing permissions.

  • Updated logic within application class to start foreground service, even when permissions are missing.

  • Updated the SDK versions to allow for Play Store inclusion.

  • Added check permission service that gets started during application start and on device uncradle.

  • Changed permissionsAppUsage to a Boolean, so that it is nullable, and will be properly reported.

  • Updated the app usage permission check logic for new Android versions.

  • Added the Application Usage permission check flag to HeartBeat and Permissions Missing event.

Release 5.13.25

Released December 2, 2022


Added a new sync manager to invoke event sync during device cradle over USB connection.


  • Added CradleSyncManager for syncing device events.

  • Updated the Launcher provider AAR.

  • Added the capability to delete stored event entries if maxDaysEventsSave is reached.

  • Fixed allowBackup within manifest as conflicting.

  • Added a default cradleSyncModeEnabled value (false).

  • Added a check if to see if the screen is not active within FindMe handler to handle ping cutoff issues.

  • Fixed the splunk sourcetype usaged to be lower case.

  • Added Manage External Storage to the manifest to allow the application to read the SD Card on Android 11.

Release 5.13.22

Released October 7, 2022


Various fixes.


  • Updated all pending intents for Android 12 support.

  • Added escape percent translation for UnknownFormatConversionException.

  • Added a null check on file reader.

Release 5.13.19

Released August 25, 2022


Updated the Support Application with additional battery information and memory details. General fixes to the Find Me notification message.


  • Added Bluetooth data collection in heart beat event.

  • Added logic to send Bluetooth information on every change of state in Bluetooth. Bluetooth states: pairing request, connected, disconnect request, and disconnected.

  • Changed event name from bluetooth to bluetoothevent.

  • Added checking of findMeExternalMedia in configuration to use other sounds in Find Me notification.

  • Added checking of existence of the audio file using full path prior to adding the getExternalStorageDirectory when looking for audio files.

  • Added AdditionalBatteryDetails for collecting specifically Zebra battery information.

  • Updated Terms of Use information with new BlueFletch address.

  • Added installedApplication event in boot service for those stores that turn off their devices at end of day.

  • Added the batteryDetails in HeartbeatEventService.

  • Updated the string resource translations.

  • Added additional memory details information into the details.message column for 'LowMemory' event.

  • Updated the displayed message to use the one from the Device Finder custom message.

  • Added logic to remove the term "notification:" from beginning of custom messages.

Release 5.13.10

Released May 29, 2022


Fixes for Device Id and Find Me.


  • Updated the Support Lib AAR for Device Id cleanup.

  • Added a delay within the media player creation and play.

  • Cleaned up the media player during the closing of the FindMe Activity.

Release 5.13.8

Released October 20, 2021


Updated the Support Tool to support Android 11, such as ability to see all device packages. Additional changes include support for Managed Configurations.


  • Removed internal ConfigurationModel and use configuration class provided by LauncherProvider.

  • Added support for Managed Configurations to allow supplying application configurations.

  • Fixed a bug in which EMS Portal could not request device logs through Support Tool.

  • Updated the Managed Configuration to allow Launcher Configuration formatted JSON to be used.

  • Changed activity orientations to 'locked', thus allowing for landscape orientation display.

  • Fixed logic for the battery Max Capacity being sent as a zero value.

  • Added an intent to allow MDMs to send new configuration URLs to the Support Tool.

Release 5.12.7

Released September 1, 2021


Added new data points for NTP Server, Airplane Mode, Max Capacity, and Application type. New configuration option to allow turning off Speed Test UI and orgTicketBrowser to allow specifying desired browser for ticket reporting url.


  • Added new data points of NTP Server and Airplane Mode.

  • Refactored events to single class event mapping SupportEvent Re-pattern data retrieval.

  • Display max battery capacity on Battery Details page and log capacity information along with the rest of the battery info.

  • Added application type to ApplicationData class in order to sort out if the app is system app or user installed app.

  • Added allowSpeedTestUI flag in order to hide Run Speed test button in Dashboard.

  • Added orgTicketBrowser configuration with "com.bluefletch.ems.browser" value by default.

  • Modified gotoWebview method to make sure no intent chooser to launch a browser.

  • Localized the max capacity string.

Release 5.11.4

Released July 8, 2021


Report the individual device setting that has changed and added display of distance to AP, and various application fixes.


  • Added logging as to which specific device settings are changing in settingsChanged event.

  • Added new EventDetail class to report Details data within the settingsChanged event.

  • Fixed the Support Log processing for Intervals.

  • Changed the Help Desk Submit logs button to send up all the EMS application logs.

  • Added a scan for access points to perform a ranging request on it to retrieve distance from Wifi AP.

  • Fixed crashed where Coarse Location permissions is missing.

  • Display the range from AP in meters.

  • Changed how Silent Activity is 'closed', so that it does not bring the support agent to the forefront.

Release 5.10.0

Released May 10, 2021


Various fixes around FindMe notification display.


  • Added dismiss button to FindMe notification.

  • Fixed notification button not showing on Android 10 and not showing when FindMe is requested.

  • Fixed crashing when draw over apps permission is revoked. Added a dialog for when draw over apps permission is revoked. On Android 10, FindMe dialog does not show anymore in favor of the notification.

Release 5.9.4

Released February 26, 2021


Added new data points of NTP Server and Airplane Mode.


  • Added System Alert Window permission

  • Include NTP Server in network and boot events

  • Added airplaneMode datapoint to networkevent, cellularchange, heartbeat, and applog events.

  • Added wifi connection status to heartbeat and applog events.

  • Added cellularState to networkevent, heartbeat, and applog events.

Release 5.9.1

Released January 13, 2021


Rework for Find Device feature on Android 10, along with additional fixes.


  • Added password dialog to access developer screen

  • Additional translations.

  • Reworked FindMe logic for Android 10. Now uses the Main foreground service to kick off the appropriate handlers

  • Updated the Ticket URL logic to display an error alert if unable to open the Ticketing URL. Also added more error handling.

Release 5.8.2

Released December 17, 2020


Support for Android 10.

Release 5.7.16


Added Support for Submitting all device logs via MQTT request.

Release 5.7.13


Various bug fixes.


  • KitKat support

  • Layout changes for Find my device UI

  • BlueFletch Device logs upload

  • Button alignments

  • Scan result layout changes

  • Event data compression when posting to GCP

  • Additional Network information added to events details

  • If cell enabled device, display cell information

  • Added Cell Change event data

Release 5.6.4

Released June 24, 2020


Updated the Active Location Tracking, via GPS, to better track devices using Cell. Removed the use of FUSE apis.


  • Within Application list, update UI if application installed or uninstalled

  • For Android 10, generate a unique device id and share via content provider

  • Fixes for Silient Init Activity startup

  • Active Location tracking

Release 5.6.2

Released May 4, 2020


Logic to Request active montioring of GPS location changes, in order to keep data fresh(er)


  • Added GPS Information to Detailed Network Event

  • Configuration flags for controlling Location Request timing

  • Logic to Request active montioring of GPS location changes, in order to keep data fresh(er)

  • Prep work for Android 10. Device Id generation logic.

  • Fix manifest for Silient Init Activity launching.

  • If the Application Details Modal is opened, and that application is unistalled, close the dialog.

Release 5.5.1

Released April 7, 2020


Various bug fixes.


  • Null pointer issue when reading Linked Properities.

  • Manifest alignment code fix.

  • Added back in an empty splash screen, as event forwarder uses it.

Release 5.4.4

Released March 3, 2020


Added ability to send events to BlueFletch and Splunk. Additional performance improvements.


  • Added imei number to device details

  • Moved changes to

  • Refactoring for the Device Serial Number retrieval logic

  • Support for Sending events to Splunk as well as GCP

  • Added Aplunk auth token and url to ui display

  • Removed dagger and dependency injection.

  • Remove Splash screen UI.

Release 5.3.3

Released December 5, 2019


Update Serial Number retrieval logic for Samsung devices. Update to the Icons


  • Added new class for serial number retrieval

  • Updated code for oreo devices

  • Update the application icons

Release 5.2.1

Released November 5, 2019


During Find Me Alert (low battery) sound will continue when device moves. Added License and Copyright display.


  • Added terms of use activity to the dashboard

  • Updated the libraries for copyright

  • Added support label

  • Added the device model to the system details fragment

  • Updated the support version label

  • Added logic for controlling sound on Motion during Alert display ‌

Release 5.1.3

Released September 16, 2019


Notification display fixes, such as turning notification badge off.


  • Turn notification badge off on channel

  • Changed the CHANNEL ID, and Foreground Id

Release 5.1.2

Released September 4, 2019


Appusage changes and various fixes.


  • Added a common static start method

  • Added some un registers, a little logging, and deleted some stuff

  • Set appusage events time to the time the events are posted

  • Changed default configuration of appusage time to 30 minute intervals

  • Changed notification icon to a png

  • Fixed to prevent crashing on find me on Kitkat and Lollipop devices

Release 5.0.24

Released August 8, 2019


Remove WebView usage, now using Chrome for Ticket opening URL.


  • When opening a ticket, the default browser is chrome

  • Removed WebView Activity

  • Fixed getPath() in ConfigurationModel after removing useInternalStorage

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