The BlueFletch Browser is an alternative browser for Android devices, providing organizations with a more secure browsing experience and configurable settings to control browsing activity. At a high level:

  • Locked down Browser - Unlike Chrome or Chrome CCT that has a toolbar where you can navigate away, the BF Browser by default has no toolbar and runs in full-screen allowing you to serve your web applications to your user while preventing them from breaking out of the Browser. You can also configure the Launcher to enabe/disable browser features such as access to Cameras, Printers, Ability to Zoom, Popups, etc.

  • Shared Cookie Support for SSO - BF Browser supports cookie-based SSO by implementing a shared cookie store across your browser instances, giving users the SSO experience they already have with desktops on their Android devices. It also supports clearing cookies on the Browser to support the shared user device model.

  • Chrome Custom Tab (CCT) Support - BF Browser implements the CCT interface, so if your appilcations are already using CCT using Chrome, you can easily swap to the BF Browser without additional changes to your application.

  • FIDO2 / Webauthn NFC Support - Use the BF Browser with your browser-based identity provider and use FIDO2 NFC keys for passwordless login or multi-factor authentication.

  • Scripting Support - You can add functionality to your existing websites through files containing Javascript functions that can be triggered on specific sites/URLs. This can be used to automate website functions, customize styling or even apply a different User Agent based on the page visited by the user.

  • Chrome Compatibility - the BF Browser is a wrapper for the your currently installeAndroid System Webview, and since most modern Android devices uses Chromium, your websites will run the same on the BF Browser as they run inside of Chrome.

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