Device Keys

User Guide: Admin Tab

Device Keys

The Admin - Device Keys page in BlueFletch Portal handles the generation and revocation of device keys for an organization. Click here to access the page in your organization's Portal.

Device keys are encrypted tokens that verify that API service calls coming from device applications are valid requests. Device key settings - specifically timeframes for key expiration, key rotation, and access token expiration - can be configured in the Admin - Organization settings.

To configure devices to support key management, see the Key Management Launcher feature documentation.

Generate Keys

  1. On the Device Keys page, press the Generate New Key button in the upper right corner, which simultaneously opens the Generate Device Key dialog box and adds the new device key to the Device Keys list.

  2. The dialog informs the user that the key was created successfully and lists the key's expiration date/time (based on the Device Key Expiration Days integer in the Admin - Organization page's settings) and version number.

  3. Press Close to terminate the dialog. All device keys are listed by expiration date in descending order, including revoked keys.

Revoke Keys

  1. On the Device Keys page, select Revoke Key within the options menu.

  2. An alert box will display prompting the user to confirm the intention to revoke the key.

  3. Press Revoke to confirm. On the Device Keys list, a Revoked On date and time will be displayed for the key.

    Note: In order to revoke a key, there must be at least one other key already active. Attempting to revoke the last active key will produce an error alert box preventing the action and suggesting the creation of another key.

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