Configurable Layouts

BlueFletch Launcher allows organizations to customize and secure the home screen of workforce devices. You can define layouts, manage assets, password-protect applications, and restrict app access based on user role.

Layouts: This feature defines which icons to show to the user, organizes applications into folders, displays shortcuts, and determines which applications are shown to the user based on their role.

Assets Manager: This feature enables the Launcher to download and/or display images and files on a device, especially with the introduction of scoped storage in Android 11.

Password Protected Applications: This feature requires users to enter a password before launching any application, shortcut, or folder.

Quick Start Applications Folder: This feature allows users to pin commonly-used applications to the Home screen, which saves time from swiping through multiple pages of apps.

Role-Based Auto Launch: This feature automatically starts an application based on the logged-in user's IdP groups.

Kiosk Mode: This feature allows users to access and utilize pre-defined applications and shortcuts only.

For more information on this feature and details on configuring Layouts, click here.

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