Deployment Groups

User Guide: Playbook MDM

Deployment Groups

The Deployment Groups subtab within Playbook MDM manages the various groups of devices found across the organization. A deployment group represents a logical collection of devices that all need the same applications, site lists, configuration files, and other properties. A deployment group could be created for all the devices in one store, or a region of stores, for example, depending on the needs of the organization. Adding a device to a specific deployment groups tells it which playbook it will run, and therefore which plays it must have to be in compliance with the organization's needs.

Create New Deployment Group

  1. To add a deployment group, press the New Group button.

  2. On the Create New Deployment Group editor page, enter content in the Name field. This is the only field required to save the deployment group.

  3. Enter content in the Version field if desired.

  4. Select one of the organization's playbooks from the Playbook dropdown if desired. The deployment group can also be linked to a playbook from the Playbooks subtab when creating or editing the playbook.

  5. Press Save to save the new deployment group and return to the Deployment Groups list page.

Manage Deployment Groups

  1. To add a device that is not currently in any deployment group, press the Show Barcode button on a specific deployment group card to display its enrollment QR code. On the device, open the Playbook Agent application to access its barcode scanner screen and scan the code to start the initial sync of that deployment group's playbook on the device. After scanning, press Hide Barcode on the deployment group card to no longer display the barcode. For more details on this process, see the documentation on deploying the application suite from the BlueFletch Portal.

  2. Press the Go to Devices button on a deployment group card to navigate to the Devices page. The device list will be automatically filtered to display only the devices that belong to that deployment group.

  3. Press Edit on a deployment group card to navigate to the Editing Deployment Groups editor page. Changes can be made here to the deployment group's Name, Version, or Playbook fields.

  4. Press Delete on a card to delete that particular deployment group. Confirm intention to delete in a pop-up alert box. If the deployment group still has devices in it, all devices will be unassigned from the deployment group.

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