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User Guide: Zebra StageNow


Zebra's StageNow Workstation is a wizard for creating staging configurations. StageNow's Mobility Extension (Mx) configurations can be used for enrolling devices in MDMs, pushing an operating system (OS) update, configuring a whitelist of secure apps, or many other such scenarios. The configurations can be used in barcodes or NFC tags, or can be exported as XML files. BlueFletch Enterprise Playbook Agent supports StageNow, and can run Mx-configured actions among its other plays.

The OEMConfig application is an alternative Mx-based tool for configuring custom settings on Zebra devices, but requires Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) enrollment. OEMConfig selects settings in a Managed Configuration, accessed through an enterprise Google Play Store. StageNow can be leveraged for Zebra devices regardless of their enrollment in an EMM.

StageNow Workstation Requirements

  • Computer running Microsoft Windows 7 or 10

  • Supported web browser (Firefox 29+, Google Chrome 35+, or Internet Explorer 9+) to install the latest version of StageNow from Zebra Support and Downloads

Configuring a StageNow Profile

This is a broad walk-through of the StageNow Workstation and is most relevant to an administrator using StageNow to make custom plays in the BlueFletch Portal. More detailed information on creating profiles in StageNow can be found in Zebra's documentation for a recent version of the software.

  1. After logging into a fully-setup StageNow Workstation, open Create New Profile from the left column to start making a new configuration.

  2. Enter profile name and press Start.

  3. Note: Settings includes the more granular configuration options available, while Wizard contains various flows for editing associated settings.

  4. Proceed through each StageNow Config step for the profile.

  5. Once the staging profile has proceeded through all steps, press Complete Profiles on the Review page to finalize.

Creating a StageNow Play in BlueFletch Portal

The same steps for creating any new play apply to creating a new StageNow play:

  1. Navigate to the Plays section of the Playbook MDM tab.

  2. Select the New Play button.

  3. On the Create New Play page, enter a name for the StageNow play, and select "Stage NOW" from the Action dropdown.

  4. The new StageNow play will now display in the list of available plays and can be added to any playbook.

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