The EPM Plugin uses Android's Accessibility Settings to read the content of the current page and auto-fill and click on text links or buttons as needed, based on configuration.

To grant Accessibility access to the EPM plugin across a fleet of device, consider BlueFletch's Accessibility Enabler.

User Guide: An Example Flow & Config

When a page change is detected on the device:

  1. EPM will read the text content on the page.

  2. For each action object:

    1. EPM will check if any of the strings in pageText is found in the page. If any of the strings is in the page, EPM will set this as the current action.

  3. EPM will then traverse the page and look for the username and password fields and submit buttons based on the hints (usernameHints, passwordHints) provided. In the Microsoft Power Apps example below:

    1. EPM will auto-fill the captured username in the input field that has the hint text "Username".

    2. EPM will auto-fill the captured password in the input field that has the hint text "Password".

    3. EPM will click on the button labeled "Next" or "Sign in".

  4. Typically when the incorrect credentials are entered, the page will change to indicate an error. When a page change occurs for this, EPM will check the haltOnErrorHints section, and if that error string exists in the page, it will halt processing. This is used to prevent sending the same incorrect credentials repeatedly to the page.

Example epmPluginConfig:

    "epmPluginConfig": {
        "settings": {
            "overlayHeightPct" : 100,
            "cardColor" : "#FFFFFF"
        "actions": [
                "actionId" : "MS Apps Action",
                "credentialId": "azure_creds",
                "packages": "com.microsoft.msapps",
                "pageText" : [
                   "Enter username"
                "usernameHints": [
                "passwordHints": [
                "submitButtonHints": [
                    "Next", "Sign in"
                "haltOnErrorHints": [
                    "Invalid username or password"
            // .. more actions

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