Commonly Reported Issues

Login button not showing

Resolution: Check that EMS Authorization app is successfully installed.

I click Login button and nothing loads

Resolution: Ensure the browser package name referenced in launcher.json auth_* array is installed on the device.

"Security Error" on Login

Resolution Steps:

  • Ensure the date/time is correct on the device

  • Ensure the necessary certificates to access website/IDP are on device

  • Ensure the website is https://

    • Otherwise, you might need to allow "unsecured websites" via BF Browser

Config error showing

Resolution Steps:

  • Ensure the launcher.json was built from the BlueFletch Portal

  • Ensure the launcher.json is valid JSON via a syntax tool, e.g. IDE

  • Ensure the device is able to reach the hosted server of the Launcher configuration, e.g. the network is not locking

Devices not reporting to BFE Portal

Resolution Steps:

Timeout error on Portal

Device Location not showing in Portal

Resolution Steps:

  • Ensure location services are enabled on device

  • Ensure the Support Application has location permission granted

  • Check other applications e.g. Google Maps to see if location is populated

Device ID not displaying on Android 10 and up

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