Application Enabler

Application Enabler is a Launcher feature that enables packages that the user can access while disabling unneeded packages.


As part of security management for workforce devices, IT administrators must be able to control and restrict settings that will enable or disable applications, features, or packages so that users can only access the necessary information for accomplishing their tasks. Application Enabler is a Launcher feature that enables users to access packages while disabling unneeded packages.

User Guide

App Enabler allows IT administrators to completely manage the devices' applications, restrict device usage to admin-approved applications, and prevent users from installing or uninstalling applications.

The enabling/disabling of packages occurs during one of three timeframes:

  1. Initial configuration load

  2. After a configuration update occurs (new configuration is installed)

  3. After a session change (log in or logout)

Feature Configuration

To set up the Application Enabler feature for a particular device profile or device group, please follow the steps below:

Setting Up App Enabler

To use this feature, set useAppEnabler to true within Launcher "settings" configuration. When the App Enabler logic is invoked, it looks at the list of installed applications, then gets a list of whitelisted applications that the current user can access (per group inclusion).

Defining List of Packages to Ignore

If there are packages that should not be affected by this feature, add them to the "untouchables" collection. Packages identified as untouchable will not be enabled or disabled by the App Enabler feature.

An example configuration is shown below:

   "settings": {
       "useAppEnabler" : true,
   "untouchables" : [

Application Enabler was introduced in Launcher 1.x.

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