User Guide: Support Agent Tab


A variety of cards are utilized within a given dashboard. This document breaks down the various kinds that may be encountered.

Note: Specific cards and data points are subject to change. The examples provided are merely for demonstrative purposes.

Single-Value Cards

Single-value cards display one numeric value, such as the total number of applications, devices in bootloop, or devices not reporting.

Single-value cards have a variation called visual charts.

Many single-value cards allow users to delve into more detailed data by selecting the drilldown menu (for more information, see documentation on viewing dashboards).

Circle Gauge Cards

Circle gauge cards display a summary of data points as a fraction of a whole, often showing the percentage of devices that have completed a desired action, such as the percentage of devices reporting or using a specific application. The circle gauge cards display the title of the card, a circle with a percentage in the center, and a description of the measured factor.

There is a new version of the circle gauge card available called circle gauge v2, which also has a small bar graph alongside it.

Bar Chart Cards

Bar chart cards display data points that can be measured in intervals, such as remaining battery life, and may be as complex as the distribution of multiple events over a period of time.

Horizontal Bar Cards

Similar to bar charts, horizontal bar cards display intervaled data but the subjects are listed on the Y-axis and the data measured for each subject is recorded on the X-axis.

Line Segment Cards

Line segment cards record data as fractions of a whole, with the total count listed to the side for context. Line segments serve as a unique alternative to the circle gauge cards.

Line Chart Cards

Line chart cards plot events across an X-axis, which is usually a measure of time. There can be multiple lines in on one chart card, which is useful for comparing multiple streams of data, such as events in one day at different sites or events on a specific day compared to on average.

World Map Cards

World map cards track GPS coordinates of organization devices, plotting the locations the devices reported from on a zoom-enabled world map.

Data Table Cards

Data table cards show a variety of device or application information in the format of a data table, and are the most detailed card type. A data table card can be found in various public main dashboards, or may be reached after selecting the drilldown menu on another type of card.

There is a new variation of data table cards, data table 2.

Data tables listing devices are often set up to link each row with a unique device to that device's Device Details dashboard URL.

Data Table Menus

To customize the arrangement of the data tables, hover over the name of a column and click the menu button that is revealed.

The left-most icon allows the user to pin the selected column or resize columns.

The middle icon allows the user to filter the rows by individual data points by showing the selected rows in the table and hiding the unchecked rows.

The right icon allows the user to reveal or hide each column.

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