Release Notes

Release 1.5.3

Released January 2024


Added Wifi Mac Address support on Zebra devices and added the "BF-" prefix to the generated UUID.

Release 1.5.2

Released August 2023


Updated logic to wait till the MX Service has started.

Release 1.5.1

Released July 2023


Additional application device logging and Android 13 support changes.


  • Added another permission setting for EMDK use.

  • Added more logging within the EMDK usage.

  • Updated the Support Library to support Android 13.

Release 1.5.0

Released October 4, 2022


The logic to retrieve the device serial number was refactored to streamline the process. Additional logic added to support EMM Managed Configuration settings.


  • Updated the startup logic to always init the Device ID processing code.

  • Updated to not process Main Activity mulitple times.

  • Updated the DeviceIdManager to allow for managed configurations. The supported configurations are serialNumber and orgId.

  • Added bluefletchId as the internal generated UUID.

  • Updated logic to read AppConfig data for setting the Device ID from EMM.

  • Wrapped file operations in try/catch to prevent file exceptions from interrupting the process.

  • Added Timber Logging to the Device ID application.

  • Added additional logging for error resolution.

  • Added a new providers entry for Android 11 devices.

  • Added simple retry within the Device ID retrieval when using the EMDK.

Release 1.4.1

Released October 27, 2021


Added support to allow for renaming a device.


  • Added an alert dialog at end of processing, to display the serial number, if the user launches the application.

  • Updated logic to destroy the activity properly after displaying the Device ID.

  • Added logic to allow for renaming of the device.

  • Added logic to post a rename event to Support dashboard.

Release 1.3.1

Released March 25, 2021


Support for EMM Setup and use on Honeywell devices.


  • Support for EMM Setup, and allow backward compatibitily on older devices.

  • Added the Honeywell OS SDK.

  • Added BasePlatform and converted existing code to use BasePlatform factory.

  • Created a new DefaultPlatform for devices where OS < Q for uniformity.

  • Fixed a bug to prevent always resetting the deviceId.

  • Added condition to check of 'unknown' serial number in DefaultPlatform, in which case generate a UUID based one.

  • Added code for getting / setting the device id within EMM.

Release 1.1.6

Released February 12, 2021


Support for EMM Setup, and allow backward compatibitily on older devices.

Release 1.0.4

Released November 2020


Initial release of the application.

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