How to: Set Keyboard as default

There are multiple methods to set BlueFletch Keyboard as the default input method on a device.

Determine which Package

First need to determine which Keyboard package is being used.

  • EMM/PlayStore: com.bluefletch.ems.emm.keyboard

  • Sideload: com.bluefletch.keyboard

  • Staging: com.bluefletch.ems.staging.keyboard

Setting as Default

Now tell the system to set the keyboard as the default input method.

These examples assume package is com.bluefletch.keyboard


adb shell ime set com.bluefletch.keyboard/com.bluefletch.keyboard.KeyboardInputMethodServic

Using StageNow XML

  <characteristic type="UiMgr" version="9.1">
    <parm name="emdk_name" value="BlueFletchKeyboard"/>
    <parm name="InputMethodAction" value="1"/>
    <characteristic type="InputMethodDetails">
      <parm name="InputMethodOption" value="4"/>
      <parm name="InputMethodPackageName" value="com.bluefletch.keyboard"/>
      <parm name="InputMethodClassName" value="com.bluefletch.keyboard.KeyboardInputMethodService"/>

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