The BlueFletch Keyboard is a configurable replacement for the device's default keyboard. These configurable settings can change the keyboard layouts, disable key previews, and choose a feedback option when a key is pressed. Standard Layout: The traditional keyboard layout that is commonly used in most devices with letters, numbers, and symbols arranged in a standard format. Alphanumeric Layout: A keyboard layout that includes both letters and numbers, often used for quick and convenient input of alphanumeric characters. Big Button Layout: A keyboard layout designed with larger buttons or keys, typically beneficial for users who prefer or require enhanced visibility or ease of use. Toggling Layouts: The ability to switch between different keyboard layouts, allowing users to customize their input experience based on their preferences or language requirements. Key Preview: Enables real-time visual feedback that displays which key is being pressed while typing, enhancing the user's typing experience and accuracy. Feedback: Customizes the tactile response or haptic feedback when pressing a key on the keyboard, allowing users to personalize the physical sensation during typing.

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