Release Notes

Release Notes for the BFE Enterprise Password Manager Plugin

Release 1.0.16


Initial build of Enterprise Password Manager (EPM) Plugin. Introduced the features of auto-filling shared credentials, covering the auto-fill action with a configurable overlay, and automatically dismissing context menus.


  • Built support for shared credentials.

  • Added new service for plugin enabler.

  • Add shared credential functionality.

  • Fixed issue where EPM was incorrectly bringing up the overlay on pages it read.

  • Added the ability to override username.

  • Added configurable style for overlay.

  • Set metadata emsLogging to true.

  • Added several Support library app events and a SupportLibrary.AppINIT call.

  • Added ability to use configuration/session replacement values in usernameValue action field.

  • Fixed an auto-fill issue with revised logic.

  • Added new states to enable/disable the EPM application using the existing broadcast intents.

  • Added useInputFocus configuration to focus on input fields prior to entry.

  • Fixed NPE crash when nodeInfo parent is null.

  • Fixed an issue where EPM crashed when running on a non-Zebra device.

  • Added useImeSubmit flag to automatically submit (akin to an "enter" keystroke) after password entry if enabled.

  • Added setting disableContextMenu to look for and dismiss Microsoft's context menu with Sharing option from web views.

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