BlueFletch Chat uses MQTT messaging to send text and voice messages between users at the same site.


The BlueFletch Chat application uses MQTT Messaging to enable text and voice communication between users located at the same site location.

User Guide

To use Chat, follow these steps:

  1. Log in through an authentication service on an Android device.

  2. Select a company site within the application.

  3. View a list of all other users who are currently logged in or have recently logged out from the same site.

  4. Send and receive text messages between yourself and other users, including both device users and BlueFletch Portal users.

  5. If using a Zebra device, record and send audio messages to other device users using the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button.

BlueFletch Chat Conversation Folders

Three conversation folders are available in the BlueFletch Chat application: Unread, Active, and Inactive.

  • Unread: Holds conversations with messages the user has not yet seen.

  • Active: Lists users that are currently logged in and can receive messages from the user.

  • Inactive: Lists users that are currently logged out and cannot receive messages from the user.

Conversations in the Unread folder display a counter badge noting the number of unread messages, regardless of whether the other user is currently still logged-in.

To refresh the data displayed on the user list screen, pull down from the top of the screen.

Conversation Status for Logged Out Users

Messages cannot be sent after the other user has logged off. The conversation will go into the Inactive folder. When a user logs off, the conversation is removed from that device. Upon logging back in, the user can start a new conversation with the same device user. Within a conversation, messages are timestamped, but the time is hidden by default. To show the time a message was sent/received, click on the message.

Device-to-Device Communication

To communicate with another user, find their username in the list of active users and click on it to open a conversation. Type a message and click Send. The other user's replies will appear below your messages in the conversation.

To send a voice message on a Zebra device:

  1. Hold the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button to start recording. While recording, an audio wavelength animation will display, tracking your voice changes.

  2. Release the PTT button when finished speaking.

  3. The device will stop recording and automatically send the audio file as an attachment to the conversation.

  4. Depending on the configuration of autoPlayAudio on the receiving device, the audio message may or may not automatically play upon receipt.

  5. In any case, the audio file can be played from the conversation by clicking the play button on the audio message.

Portal-to-Device Communication

To communicate with a device user from the BlueFletch Portal, you can follow these steps:

  1. Locate the device from the Home tab dashboard or from the Playbook MDM - Devices list.

  2. Open the Device Details page for the device.

  3. In the Device Information card, look for the last reported user on the device.

  4. Press the Chat button to open a messaging window.

  5. Begin sending text messages to the device user.

Once the administrator opens a Chat messaging window in the BlueFletch Portal, a device user can see the admin in the Active users and send a text message. However, audio attachments cannot be recorded or sent in a conversation with an admin on the Portal.

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