Release Notes

Release Notes for the BFE Browser Application

Release 2.3.4


Added fullscreen support, updates to URL Access checker, and settings for clearing cache and cookies on exit.


  • Added fullscreen support implementation using JavaScript Interface.

  • Added validation to hide toolbar when the page title is empty.

  • Moved the URL Access checker from shouldOverrideUrlLoading to shouldInterceptRequest.

  • Added warning log for failed URL access check.

  • Updated logic to use the Launcher log level if there is no Browser log level setting.

  • Updated URL Access Checker to validate the request URL only.

  • Fixed JavaScript issue on input focus and read only.

  • Added Post Notification permission to support changes for Android 14.

  • Added Browser setting for clearing cache and cookies on exit.

Release 2.2.7


Changes to the SSL keystore loading to resolve issues with PDF loading and with insecure site display.


  • Updated Crash Handler AAR to 3.0.1.

  • Added logic to the file download logic to initialize the SSL keystore factory, if needed.

  • Updated to use 4.8.20 of the Auth Provider AAR.

  • Updated logic to load the keystore during application onCreate, but within a background thread pool as to not affect startup performance.

Release 2.2.3


To support the new Password Manager features, a new set of javascript interfaces were implemented.


  • Added javascript interfaces to expose ability to set and get secure data in the browser.

Release 2.2.2

Released August 2023


Updates to the Custom Tab implementation to better support navigation callbacks.


  • Updated logic to retrieve the CustomTabsSessionToken from incoming intent as to allow for using the incoming bound service connection for navigation callbacks.

  • Refactored the intent extra checking for readability.

Release 2.2.1

Released August 2023

This release currently has a known issue with opening PDFs that is addressed in the version 2.2.7.


Ability to use BlueFletch Browser without BlueFletch Launcher, utilizing Managed Configurations to set the configurations.


  • Added intent actions to set individual configuration overrides or reset configuration to default.

  • Added Managed Configuration option 'defaultBrowserConfig'.

  • Disabled the share in context popup.

  • Added ability to close the browser via intent.

  • Added a "browserRestrictions" configuration to support allow and block list configuration settings.

  • Updated the Browser model, moved to separate files.

  • Added an access denied page if the page is blocked by configuration.

Release 2.1.5

Released July 2023


General fixes, added pull to refresh support, and startup performance improvements.


  • Turned off manifest setting that required the device to have NFC hardware.

  • Added the ability to call the following in custom scripts:

    quit: to close the current browser instance

    redirect: to navigate to a URL

    goBack: similar to pressing the back button

  • Added URL validation for incoming URL strings.

  • Added Pull to Refresh library to the project.

  • Updated the Support Library for addtional Android 13 changes.

  • Updated the project to allow for Pull to Refresh logic, based on new browser configuration of 'allowPullToRefresh', which is defaulted to false.

  • Updated the keystore load to only occur if needed during SSL error checks.

Release 2.1.0

Released June 2023


Various fixes and added support for Android 13.


  • Exposed the scanner Enable / Disable JS Methods.

  • Added configuration flag for Full Disable of Scanner (scannerDisableFull). By default is off. Setting to false will allow the scanner 'light' to still work, but will ignore the scan event.

  • Added a disableProfile Javascript interface method to allow for disabling the scanner profile on Zebra devices.

  • Fixed tabbed alignment of JS functions.

  • Updated the camera support to use new file provider logic that is needed for Android 11+ devices.

  • Removed the query packages within the manifest, and removed the Resolve Activity on camera package as not needed.

  • Fixed the PIN screen crash issue on Android 13.

  • Fixes issue in Android 13 where OS forces the Main Browser view to be restarted when paused.

  • Added new optional webauthnUserAgent configuration option to allow users to specify a different user agent in the WebAuthn flow.

Release 2.0.8

Released April 2023


New disable Back button feature.


  • Added the ability to disable the Back button for a browser instance, with optional message.

  • Updated the WebAuthn module to change userAgents if not on a WebAuthn page.

  • Added the ability to save the NFC tag ID used during WebAuthn for use with Secondary Auth.

  • Added fix to prevent crash on Okta login when using a FIDO2 key for MFA.

  • Updated logic for the onTabHidden CCT callback to accommodate FIDO2 entry.

Release 2.0.5

Released March 2023


Updated Browser to support FIDO2 login. Implemented support for Chrome Custom Tab (CCT) provider. Various bug fixes.


  • Initial BlueFletch FIDO2 browser implementation.

  • Added logic to request PIN retries immediately after connecting to security key.

  • Added enhancements to UI of the PinInputActivity.

  • Updated the PinInputActivity to support USB.

  • Added logic to support CCT provider logic.

  • Added logic to enable or disable the Datawedge browser profile based on script commands.

  • Reset EMS API usage default value to false and additional logging for WebAuthn.

  • Updated logic to ensure all cookies for URL are passed as cookie header during file downloads.

  • Added exception handler during the decryption of encrypted contents.

  • Updated project to target SDK 32.

  • Adds cacheCookiesForUrl configuration to cache cookies in session via secure auth provider.

  • Updated logic to delete Datawedge profile only if config is false.

Release 1.9.9

Released September 2022


Updated Browser to support SAP webpage popups, added additional security for clearing files, and various updates to Javascript format.


  • Changes to let BlueFletch Browser read it's custom script JS file from Launcher Assets.

  • Changes to convert https:// based app links for auth into native app links.

  • Updated to use constants for the OIDC redirect for EMS Auth.

  • Added ability to store key-value pairs within a BlueFletch browser custom script, and have the key value pairs available across pages within an instance.

  • Added logic to check auth provider for cached credentials before user is prompted for HTTP Authentication.

  • Updated to use caprovider (4.3.5) with signature protection.

  • Updated to clear out cache during on clear cookie broadcast.

  • Fixed an issue on some SAP pages where popups do not close on submit.

  • Added ability to apply a CSS override file to apply when loading pages.

  • Updated injectable script to use new Javascript standards.

  • Deprecated the browserstore/browser provider module.

  • Updated Browser to use the new Auth4 provider AAR.

  • Updated the pipeline to remove bundleReleaseAar gradle task as AARs will no longer be generated from browser.

  • Resolved an issue where browser fails to download a pdf file if the request is made from the page via form post method.

Release 1.8.18

Released April 6, 2022


  • Fixed a crash when site has no cookies during downloads.

  • Fixed an issue where popups don't auto-close on submit.

  • Added logic to allow a for specifying application links that use http/https, and open the corresponding installed application.

  • Changed the Orientation from fixed, to allow rotation.

  • Added additional logging to check for EMS API issues.

Release 1.8.13

Released February 14, 2022


  • Fixed issue where the File Chooser was not removing the File Callback after calling it on a cancel. This was causing an exception to be thrown.

Release 1.8.12

Released February 7, 2022


Override User Agent, Window scaling overrides, bug fixes and enhancements


  • Updated zoom support only when pinch-to-zoom is enabled.

  • Updated the retrofit downloader method to pull site cookies when downloading from secure locations.

  • Added an option to disable disk persistence for cookies.

  • Instantiate shared cookie instance at application level.

  • Added ability to override the default user agent by using the userAgent browser setting.

  • Added ability to override the webview settings useWideViewPort and initialScalePercent.

  • Fixed issue with duplicate/missing cookies for downloads and oher pages in certain scenarios.

  • Improved configuration handling in pop-up windows.

  • Updated to display the title of the current page when the Browser is viewed the recent tasks.

  • Fixed Browser crash when using using the camera or uploading files.

  • Added flag to close the browser when the user taps on the device back button.

Release 1.8.5

Released October 6, 2021


  • Fixed an issue where the page doesn't automatically scroll when focusing on an input field.

Release 1.8.4

Released September 27, 2021


New browser APIs, custom scripting, improved download support


  • Added new browser APIs for Zebra Scanner, Keyboard and LauncherProvider support.

  • Added functionality to allow running custom javascript code when a page loads.

  • Added configurable option to allow clear-text traffic.

  • Fixed issue with blob URL downloads.

  • Updated downloader to support self-signed ceritifcates.

Release 1.7.9

Released July 22, 2021


  • Fixed an issue with the Browser if the internal downloads folder does not exist after first install.

  • Added encryption to disk persisted cookies.

Release 1.7.7

Released June 24, 2021


Open websites in Desktop mode, support camera or file explorer when uploading to a site.


  • Added new configuration openInDesktopMode browser setting to open a URL in desktop mode (instead of mobile version).

  • On some websites where uploading photos is allowed, you will be prompted to choose between using the camera or using the default device file explorer.

Release 1.7.4

Released June 4, 2021


Add camera, printing features, along with HTTP Auth support


  • Added new configuration settings to enable camera, audio, printer access.

  • Added support for HTTP Auth from the browser.

  • Fixed issue with opening documents with Google Sheets/Docs, along with additional UI cleanup.

  • Fixed issue where browser reverts to portrait when authenticating while using a display dock.

Release 1.6.4

Released April 16, 2021


Add pinch to zoom functionality to webpages.


  • Add the configuration setting "enablePinchToZoom" : true in the browser section to enable pinch to zoom on visited pages.

Release 1.6.3

Released March 25, 2021


Fixes to Shared cookies.


  • Fixes issue where cookie attributes are not being shared causing issues with GSuite SSO

  • Use updated cookieStr instead of httpCookie

Release 1.6.2

Released February 15, 2021


Added functionality to support download requests, with additional fixes.


  • Add functionality to support download requests, and open the file in an available viewer.

  • Fix issue found where cookie preview crashes the app on blank url.

  • Additional cleanup to the toolbar UI.

  • Extract Cookie title to string resources.

Release 1.4.3

Released January 29, 2021


Changes to fix the "fix orientation" feature, and set it to portrait mode by default.

Release 1.4.2

Released December 15, 2020


No code changes.

Release 1.4.1

Released December 15, 2020


Ensure the browser task is closed if the back button is pressed on the last webpage. Support for EMS fast authentication

Release 1.3.1

Released October 30, 2020


Various bug fixes


  • BlueFletch Device logs upload

  • Changed the Color Accent from White to the Primary. Fixes the White button issue

  • Change the LAUNCH status of the Activity to cause reload of existing URL

  • Fixed bug that caused browser to crash without the launcher

  • Toolbar UI update

  • URL Edit view updates

  • Added editable flag and editable url view

  • Changed progress bar to show inside the webview instead of above

Release 1.1.2

Release coming soon.


Initial release of the browser.

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