Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode is a Launcher feature that locks down the device and restricts user access to predefined applications/shortcuts.


Enterprises rely on mobile handhelds and tablets to meet the workforce demands of frontline environments. However, these devices need to be set up with the proper functionality to cultivate the best user and customer experience and prevent misuse. Kiosk Mode is a Launcher feature that gives an organization control over what applications can or cannot be accessed on their company-owned devices.

Use Cases

Kiosk Mode is commonly deployed on tablet devices or large format touchscreen displays located in common areas. Applications can be consolidated under two broad categories:

  1. Employee-facing: inventory management, field service management, transport, and logistics

  2. Customer-facing: digital signage, self-check-ins/check-outs at hotels or retail stores, ticket booking kiosks at movie theaters or airports, restaurant ordering systems, etc.

User Guide

Kiosk Mode allows IT administrators to restrict user access to predefined applications or shortcuts. This feature transforms the device into a purpose-specific machine that necessitates end-users to perform operations and actions that have been approved by the organization on their devices that have been activated with Kiosk lock.

  1. If this feature is enabled within the configuration, the device will go into Kiosk mode.

  2. To get out of Kiosk mode, press the Home button or exit the app. Then press the ‘Exit Kiosk’ button. The user will be prompted to enter the pre-defined Exit Kiosk pin code.

  3. See Launcher Configurations on Applications and Web Shortcuts for more information on the flag.

Feature Configuration

To set up Kiosk Mode for a particular device profile or device group, please follow the steps below:

Enabling Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode feature can be enabled or disabled within the Launcher configuration for an Application or Shortcut. If kiosk is set to true, the device will be placed into Kiosk Mode.

    "layouts": {
        "StoreAssociates": [
                "label": "Self-Checkout App",
                "package": "com.bluefletch.customer.checkout",
                "kiosk": true

Kiosk Mode was introduced in Launcher 2.12.x.

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