Allowed IP Addresses

Allowed IP Addresses controls access to the BFE cloud backend by restricting connections to approved network IPs.

The Admin - Allowed IP Addresses page in BlueFletch Portal provides control over defining and managing authorized IP addresses for your organization's devices. Click here to access the page in your organization's Portal.

Enforcing Allowed IP Addresses strengthens endpoint security by restricting device access to the BFE cloud backend. This functionality ensures only requests originating from approved network IP addresses are processed. Any request from an unauthorized IP address is automatically ignored.

How It Works

Allowed IP Addresses limit device access to the BFE cloud backend by controlling authorized IPs.

  1. Authorized network administrators can manage the Allowed IP Addresses list within the BlueFletch Portal. This list defines the approved IP addresses from which devices are permitted to access the BFE cloud backend.

  2. Only requests originating from IP addresses on the approved list can access the BFE cloud backend.

  3. Requests originating from unauthorized IP addresses (not included on the approved list) are automatically denied access to the BFE cloud backend.

Note: Adding and managing Allowed IP Addresses requires the Key Management role. Users with only the Admin role will not have access to the menu option for these actions.

Managing Allowed IP Addresses

Step 1: Accessing Allowed IP Addresses Settings

  1. Log in to the BFE Portal.

  2. Navigate to the Admin section.

  3. Click on the Security tab.

Step 2: Creating an Allowed IP Addresses List

  1. Under the Security settings, choose Allowed IP Addresses. Locate the "Enforce Allowed IP Addresses for Devices" setting and enable it.

  2. Once enabled, you'll need to add all your organization's network IP addresses to the Allowed IP Addresses list.

Step 3: Verifying IP Addresses Request

  1. When a device requests access to the BFE cloud backend, the system checks the originating IP address against the approved list.

  2. If the IP address matches an authorized one, the request proceeds normally.

  3. If the IP address isn't found on the list, the request is automatically rejected.

Audit Logs records all access attempts to the BFE cloud backend, including those originating from IP addresses outside the allowed range.

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