The BlueFletch Messaging package allows devices to communicate with each other. It does this by displaying notification messages within the drawer or passing messages to device applications.

This communication utilizes the MQTT protocol, which ensures efficient and secure data exchange. Starting from Messaging version 3.4.2, TLS/SSL encryption is supported, further enhancing the security of the messaging system.

The Messaging service simplifies the process by automatically establishing connections with one or multiple MQTT Broker services. By default, the Launcher is configured to connect to the BlueFletch cloud MQTT Service, making it easy to set up and start using the Messaging feature. Launcher and Messaging Integration: During the Launcher boot process, communication is established with the Messaging application to initiate the Messaging feature. MQTT Brokers are registered based on the provided configuration values. Notifications Always On: When the "enableNotificationsAlwaysOn" setting is enabled, the MQTT broker connection remains active throughout, ensuring uninterrupted messaging functionality. User-based Connections: Upon user login, additional connections can be established if the "enableNotificationsAlwaysOn" setting is disabled, allowing for flexible messaging based on user preferences. Automatic Topic Registration: The Messaging service automatically registers for essential topics, including Device Serial Number, User Role, Location, and Groups. This facilitates efficient communication and enables targeted messaging based on relevant information.

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