User Guide: Chat Manager Tab


Through the Chat Manager tab on the BlueFletch Portal, an administrator can view and configure all aspects of communication over the BlueFletch Chat application. Chat Roles defines groups of Chat users by identity provider (IdP) and configures their communication permissions, while Chat Channels sets up communication channels between multiple Chat Roles. Message Logs displays all text communications across the organization.

Chat Manager Roles & Permissions

A user needs a role with either the Chat Management or Chat View permission to access all Chat Manager pages.

Chat Management permits viewing, creating, editing, and deleting Chat Roles and Chat Channels.

Chat View allows a user to view all contents of Chat Manager. A user with Chat View permission will be able to see all Chat Roles or Chat Channels in a list and will have the menu option View available to inspect individual roles or channels, but will not be able to create, edit, or delete a role or channel.

Message Logs is view-only for all users with either the Chat Management or Chat View permission.

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