Device Loss Prevention

BlueFletch Launcher provides configurable features that prevent unauthorized device access, enable real-time location tracking, and reduce the risk of loss or theft. These features help organizations to enhance device security, promote device accountability, and protect the sensitive data of workforce devices.

Low Battery Mode: Prompts users to return the device to its cradle once the battery level falls to a configured percentage. It prevents users from draining out the battery or making it difficult to locate misplaced or missing devices that have run out of battery.

Luggage Tag Mode: Automatically locks the device when it loses connectivity from the configured wireless network. It prevents unauthorized access to applications and data in case of loss or theft, acting like a virtual "luggage tag" for the device.

Motion Activated Device Lock: Automatically locks the screen and prevents access to unauthorized apps and functionalities when driving is detected. Normal device functionality is automatically restored when driving stops.

Secure Device Mode: Requires the user to log in to the Launcher every time a device is retrieved from the cradle. It prevents unauthorized access and increases accountability for device usage.

Site Information Service: Leverages device location services such as GPS coordinates, IP range, subnet, and connected AP Mac addresses to pinpoint the real-time location of devices.

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