Policy Issues

Troubleshooting Policy Issues

What do I do if a policy change is saved and completed but is not reflected on my device?

  1. In EMM Console > Policies, go back into the relevant policy and check that the property that was changed.

  2. If the change has reverted back and did not save, the Complete button may have been pressed too soon after the change was made.

  3. Make the same change again, wait about 5 seconds, then press Complete.

  4. If the property was changed in the policy but not on the device:

  5. Verify on the Android Enterprise feature list that the policy change is applicable to the selected profile. Certain properties germane to Work Profile will have no effect on company-owned devices, and vice versa.

  6. Check the device’s connectivity. If it is not on either mobile data or WiFi, then it did not receive the policy change.

  7. Test on another device if possible. If the issue is not replicable, then there is probably an issue with the device itself. Additional device-specific troubleshooting or contacting the manufacturer’s support team may be required.

  8. If the issue occurs across multiple unique devices, try restarting the device. If the policy still does not update on the device, wait an extended amount of time (30+ minutes) to see if anything changes; some larger changes like multiple apps being silently installed may cause delays. If none of these resolve the issue, contact BlueFletch for further assistance.

How do I correct an error stating that a field in a policy is invalid?

  1. An error in the format Choose a non-empty value for nameOfProperty.nameOfField[0] or nameOfProperty[0].nameOfField is invalid indicates that the policy cannot be saved or completed while the field referenced in the error is empty.

    An error in the format nameOfProperty[0].nameOfField <'text entered'> is invalid or Invalid package name in nameOfProperty.packageNames[0]. Choose a name starting with a letter and containing only letters, underscores, digits, and periods indicates that the text entered in the field is not valid given the context of that field.

  2. Press OK in error.

  3. Return to the property referenced in the error and enter appropriate data in the field.

How do I correct the error “The policy is linked to a device or user” when deleting a policy?

  1. If a policy has one or more devices associated with it, attempting to delete the policy will render an error: The policy is linked to a device or user. Remove the links, then try again. Sample of linked Ids:__.

  2. Go to the Devices tab and delete or change the policies of the relevant devices one at a time.

  3. Return to Policies tab and reattempt deleting the policy.

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