Chat Roles

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Chat Roles

From the Chat Roles page in the BlueFletch Portal, organizations can allow or disallow BlueFletch Chat application capabilities between users with the same identity provider (IdP) session groups and between users with different IdP groups.

A Chat Role is defined by assigning one or more IdP groups (also referred to as Launcher Groups) to it. A Chat Role allows users in the associated IdP group(s) to message, call, and/or video call individual users in their Chat Role or in another Chat Role. By default, all communication permissions for a role are denied until they are defined.

NOTE: Voice calling and video calling both require the Voice Chat application to be installed on both the sending and receiving devices.

Since one Launcher Group may be associated with more than one role, a user's permissions could be defined by Chat Roles with conflicting permissions; in such a case, the user's permission will equal the highest permission granted in any of those roles. For example, if video calling is permitted for a Launcher Group in any Chat Role, all users in that Launcher Group will be permitted to video call, even if other Chat Roles with that Launcher Group disallow video calling.

Create Chat Roles

  1. Press the Add Chat Role button in the upper right corner.

  2. Enter text for the fields Chat Role Name and (optionally) Description.

  3. In the Launcher Groups field, enter the name of an IdP group to which this Chat Role should be applied. Press the Return/Enter key or press the + button at the end of the text field to add the Launcher Group to the list. Multiple Launcher Groups may be included in a single Chat Role.

  4. Assign communication permissions between users in the Chat Role by checking the boxes of capabilities the users should have under Chat Role Rules.

  5. Press Add Chat Role under Chat Role Communication Rules to select another Chat Role. Check the boxes which match desired capabilities for users in the Chat Role being created to communicate externally.

    IMPORTANT! Definitions of Chat Role Communication Rules are one-way only. Creating a rule for how one role can communicate with another will not apply it reciprocally to the other role. Both Chat Roles' communication rules must be defined independently.

  6. Press Save to save the new Chat Role. Chat Role Name and Launcher Groups, at a minimum, must have content in order to save.

Edit and Delete Chat Roles

  1. To make changes to a Chat Role, open the options menu and press Edit. On the Edit Chat Role page, make desired alterations to any field in the Chat Role, then press Save. In order to save, Chat Role Name and Launcher Groups must still have content.

  2. To delete a Chat Role, open the options menu and press Delete. An alert box will display, prompting confirmation.

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