The BlueFletch Portal enables enterprises to remotely manage, configure, and secure their mobile devices, applications, and data from a single secure platform. It provides features such as over-the-air device enrollment and configuration, application deployment and management, remote device management and support, customizable policies and settings, real-time monitoring and reporting, and integration with other enterprise systems.

Login & Logout: A guide to the Portal login and logout flows.

Support Agent Tools: A walk-through of tools like Device Details, Dashboards, Cards, Event Explorer, and Reports within Portal's Support Agent tab.

Configuration Editor: Steps to configure a JSON file with device settings from the Portal.

Sending Notifications: A description of the Portal's Notification Test functionality.

Managing Sites: A walk-through of managing site lists in the Portal.

Playbook MDM: A user guide for all deployment and device management features related to playbooks, with detailed documents on building and using individual plays, managing devices, handling deployment groups, and creating plays from Zebra's StageNow XMLs.

EMM Console: An overview of BlueFletch's EMM solution for Android devices, which branches into several setup and troubleshooting guides.

Organization: A guide to the organization settings for the Portal.

Single Sign On: Setup steps for accessing the Portal through various authentication tools:

  • Portal Setup

  • G Suite Setup

  • Okta Setup

Users: Steps and technical notes for an administrator managing users, adding and activating users, or resetting users' passwords.

Roles: An overview of the Roles tab's functionality within the Portal, and how to customize roles using individual permissions.

Downloads: A guide to utilizing the Portal's list of up-to-date downloadable libraries and applications.

Agents: A description of the Portal's list of Playbook Agent versions.

Enterprise: A walk-through of editing enterprise settings for an organization utilizing EMM Console.

Audit Logs: A tutorial on querying records of Portal activity.

Account Settings: Steps for a user to manage settings for their own account.

Event Forwarding: A description of accessing device data through another data collector.

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