Release Notes

Release Notes for the BFE Messaging Application

Release 3.5.9

Released November 2023


Updates to support getting custom asset sounds from Launcher, plus updates for Android 13.


  • Fixed the playing of custom Launcher asset sounds.

  • Fixed PendingIntent mutable flag setting.

  • Updated the Support Library for Android 13.

  • Added the Launcher develop package to the query packages.

  • Updated the Crash Handler AAR to version 3.0.3.

  • Added the Post Notifications permissions for Android 13 support.

Release 3.5.3

Released March 21, 2023


Added password protection for the Send Test message feature.


  • Fixed the display of the Show More button when new messages are received.

  • Added a password entry dialog.

  • Updated password helper to use the default admin password.

  • Updated the password protection feature to use the admin password from Launcher.

Release 3.5.1

Released September 16, 2022


Includes new Message UI, feature to disable the volume adjustment, and updates to Last Will topic.


  • Refreshed the Messaging Broker UI.

  • Added feature to disable volume adjustment for messages. To disable, use disableVolumeAdjustment within notification settings.

  • Added updated EMS Styles library.

  • Removed fading in of card when expanding.

  • Updated the status UI to make the text readable.

  • Updated the status UI to display the full MQTT message.

  • Fixed card's margin top if Card Information is not existing.

  • Updated Last Will topic object to include a flag indicating that it is Last Will object. Also set sound false when receiving a Last Will connect / disconnect message.

  • Fixed the Send Test Message button by adding a null check on topic, as was crashing if no device topic.

  • Added logic to hide the Send Test Message button if no device topic.

  • Moved the Date Util to the helper package.

  • Updated the text size of the values, and changed the grey text to black. This is to make the UI readable on a device.

Release 3.4.8

Released April 19, 2022


Support to allow querying for the existence of BlueFletch packages on Android 11 devices. Added a Last Will status message. Allow for referencing sound files downloaded by BlueFletch Launcher.


  • Updated Support Library to latest version.

  • Updated LauncherProvider library to latest version.

  • Updated logic to use the Provider helper to pull asset uri if message sound asset name contains "asset:" prefix.

  • Updated packages to newer versions and fixed import issue where pulling in the incorrect build file.

  • Updated EMS Package Resolver to include the Chat application.

  • Added logic to Device Test notification to ensure there is a topic.

  • Added the new Auth4 package names.

  • Updated the manifest for Android 11 support of Query Packages.

  • Updated package query to specify exact BlueFletch packages.

  • Added last will during connect and post a status for connected/disconnected if enabled.

Release 3.4.2

Released October 4, 2021


Added additional application logging and TLS support.


  • Added TLS support using the Android keystore as trusted certificates.

  • Added ability to publish to MQTT topcis through the Messaging application.

  • Added additional logging and events, including information around messages received.

Release 3.3.5

Released September 1, 2021


Added EMS exception handler library to report errors to Support Dashboard.

Release 3.3.0

Released March 25, 2021


Fix for reconnection issue when server broker goes down.


  • State should be connection lost, so it will try reconnecting.

  • Remove confusing toast for custom audio

  • Remove large icon for consistency with other foreground notifications

Release 3.2.4

Released February 26, 2021


Fixes/enhancements to connection management, to improve support for connect / disconnect / reconnect scenarios.


  • Prevent duplicate messages from being received

  • Updated reconnect handler

  • Updated with connect and subscribe callback for N+ devices

  • Added stats page with test message capability

  • Simplify duplicate message check, along with stat log

  • Added a check for isRetained flag for duplicate checking (only retained messages will be checked for dups)

  • Added a general crash handler

  • Updated Manifest permissions for System Window and Background service start

  • Added logging for component in which messaging is starting activities

  • Add onRestartRequired logic, to attempt to self heal if acquiring connections < 30s apart

Release 3.1.2

Released December 17, 2020


Support for Android 10.


  • Android 10 support.

  • Additional German text translations.

Release 3.0.10

Released November 2020


Logging support and Internationalization work. Updated MQTT Client Library.


  • Internationalization for EMS messaging

  • Updated german translations from review

  • Updated Support library

  • Logic to translate base bluefletch packages to the EMM version removed unneeded files

  • Dev ui in debug builds only

  • Fixed package name in start activity

  • Added null checks.

  • Checks for notification interruptions

  • Implemented new MQTT Client Library support

Release 2.3.1

Released November 5, 2019


General fixes


  • Updated the way we check if notifications are enabled

  • Fixed the heads up notifications

  • Needed to check for the heads up channel being disabled

  • Fixed mqtt connection issue

  • Used Common Channel ids string

Release 2.2.1

Released October 7, 2019


Android Compile SDK bumped to 28.


  • Compile SDK changed from 27 to 28

Release 2.1.1

Released September 16, 2019


Fixes for Badging and Device shutdown.


  • Make sure Badging is turned off

  • Updated Messaging to disconnect on Shutdown from Broker. have commented out the Unsubscribe at shutdown.

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