Getting Started

Before you begin

  1. Request a free trial BFE account by emailing

  2. Once you have a BFE account, log into the BFE Portal using your account credentials.

  3. Follow the steps below to quickly get Playbook Agent up and running on your device.

About this task

This tutorial describes how to set up and activate BlueFletch Playbook Agent to manage your Android Zebra devices with a built-in 2D scanner. The BlueFletch Playbook Agent installation process consists of several components, including the Playbook Agent application, configuration files, and other dependencies.

In the instructions below, you'll learn how to:

  • Install Playbook Agent on a device.

  • Register a device in a deployment group.

Install the Playbook Agent App

  1. Download the Playbook Agent APK file from the BlueFletch Portal website.

  2. Sideload the APK file to the device using this ADB command, with the file location of the APK download in lieu of the placeholder:

    adb install -g <path/to/file.apk>

  3. After the install is completed, open the application. The device is now ready to be registered.

Register the Device in a Deployment Group

  1. Go to the BlueFletch Portal and click on Deployment Groups.

  2. If the organization already has a deployment group created and assigned to a playbook, click the group's Show Barcode button.

  3. Open the Playbook Agent app on the device and scan the barcode.

  1. The device will be registered in the deployment group and will run the assigned playbook.

Deployment Groups are managed within Playbook MDM in the BlueFletch Portal. For a complete walkthrough of the deployment process, see the documentation on deploying the BlueFletch Enterprise suite from the Portal.

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