Accessibility Enabler

The BlueFletch Accessibility Enabler automates the process of granting application-level accessibility permissions in Android Settings. An administrator can include this in a deployment without needing to distribute credentials for administrative settings to every store manager.

The application enables Android Settings, launches Accessibility settings, and then triggers automated button-taps to grant accessibility permissions to another application. The automated taps and delays between taps are based on parameters passed in by an Android intent. Once the prescribed taps have occurred, the app then closes Accessibility settings and returns Android Settings to a disabled state.

Intent to Launch

The intent to initiate the Accessibility Enabler must include coordinates for the steps in Accessibility settings to grant permissions, and can optionally include a delay before starting touch events and/or a delay between touch events.

Intent as an ADB command:

adb shell "am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.bluefletch.ems.accessibilityenabler/.MainActivity -e 'coordinates' '[[x1, y1], [x2, y2], [x3, y3]]' --el 'startdelay' '<delay-before-in-milliseconds>' --el 'inputdelay' '<delay-between-in-milliseconds>'"

Intent as a Stage Now XML:

  <characteristic version="10.5" type="Intent">
    <parm name="Action" value="StartActivity" />
    <parm name="ActionName" value="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
    <parm name="Package" value="com.bluefletch.ems.accessibilityenabler" />
    <parm name="Class" value="com.bluefletch.ems.accessibilityenabler.MainActivity" />
    <characteristic type="Extra">
      <parm name="ExtraType" value="string" />
      <parm name="ExtraName" value="coordinates" />
      <parm name="ExtraValue" value="[[x1, y1], [x2, y2], [x3, y3]]" />
    <characteristic type="Extra1">
      <parm name="Extra1Type" value="long" />
      <parm name="Extra1Name" value="startdelay" />
      <parm name="Extra1Value" value="<delay-before-in-milliseconds>" />
    <characteristic type="Extra2">
      <parm name="Extra2Type" value="long" />
      <parm name="Extra2Name" value="inputdelay" />
      <parm name="Extra2Value" value="<delay-between-in-milliseconds>" />

Where [xn, yn] are placeholders x, y coordinates for button clicks, <delay-before-in-milliseconds> is a placeholder for the delay in milliseconds before touch events will start, and <delay-between-in-milliseconds> is a placeholder for the delay in milliseconds between each touch event.

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