Technical Guide

The Device Finder application allows managers to view all the devices assigned to one site or store. To best facilitate locating misplaced devices, BlueFletch provides several settings which can be configured to fit the needs particular to an individual store location.


Include the following settings in the deviceFinder object within the Launcher Configuration file:



boolean Controls the capability to ping another device. If false, the message, "This feature has been disabled by your administrator", is displayed upon pressing Ping Device. Default is true.


boolean Controls if a custom text field is available when pinging a device. If true, the custom message will be included in the ping notification if utilized. Default is true. Only applied if pingDeviceEnabled is true.


boolean Controls whether the Map View option, which provides an in-app map of last-known locations of devices, is displayed. If false, the option is hidden. Default is true.


boolean Controls whether Device Finder will transmit a beacon signal for location purposes. If false, the beacon signal will not be transmitted, and the Beacon Information section will be hidden in the application's Device Details screens. Default is true.


integer Number of hours that may pass without receiving data from a device before it is labeled "Not Responding" in Device Finder. Default is 12.

The deviceFinder object and all key-value pairs included in it were introduced in Device Finder 2.6.11 and Launcher 3.16.15.

Beacon Service

The Device Finder application contains a beacon service that is used to help a device locate other devices by proximity. Within the 2.6.16 release of Device Finder the ability to start the beacon service without a logged in user was added. To enable this feature a Launcher configuration change will be needed within the Custom Intents. For further information see Launcher Custom Intents.

The Launcher custom intent that is needed:

      "package": "com.bluefletch.ems.deviceinformation",
      "class": "com.bluefletch.ems.deviceinformation.SilentInitActivity",
      "flags" : 1,
      "typeIntent": "a"

Example ADB

adb shell am start -n com.bluefletch.ems.deviceinformation/com.bluefletch.ems.deviceinformation.SilentInitActivity

Example AirWatch Command


Mapping Support

As of Device Finder version 2.8.0, the mapping feature is supported by OpenStreetView. The host URLS used are:

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