Updating License Key


As a device administrator, you will likely be keeping track of your organization's BlueFletch license rotation (e.g. annually, every three years. etc.). When you are approaching your current license key's expiration date, check the BlueFletch Portal's Admin - Organization page to see if the license key has already been updated. If you see an updated expiration date for the forthcoming license period, you can apply the key to your device's Launcher configurations to keep your device licenses valid. If you expected to see an updated license key and do not, please reach out to customersuccess@bluefletch.com.

The following steps will guide you in checking your license key and updating a key to your devices.

User Guide

  1. Login to the BlueFletch Portal.

  2. Navigate to the Admin - Organization page.

  3. Press the License Key button.

  4. Observe the License Expiration date. This value will indicate if the current key is up-to-date for the upcoming license period or will be expiring soon. Reach out to customersuccess@bluefletch.com if the key is in danger of expiring soon.

  5. To proceed with updating configurations with an up-to-date license key:

    1. Copy to Clipboard to copy the current key.

    2. Paste the copied key into the license field in the organization's launcher.json device configuration file(s).

    3. Deploy the updated launcher.json to the organization's devices.

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