BlueFletch Messaging uses the MQTT protocol to communicate with devices.


BlueFletch Messaging enables communication with the device through notification messages in the drawer or by passing messages to device applications. It utilizes the MQTT protocol, supporting TLS/SSL in Messaging 3.4.2 and above, with the service automatically handling connections to MQTT Broker services.

User Guide

When the Launcher boots, it will communicate with the Messaging application to start. It will then register the MQTT Brokers according to the configuration values. If the enableNotificationsAlwaysOn setting is true, the MQTT broker will be connected. If the enableNotificationsAlwaysOn setting is false, additional connections can be made after the user logs into the device. By default, the Messaging service will register for the following topics:

  • Device Serial Number

  • User Role

  • Location

  • Groups

Additional Information on the MQTT Protocol can be found at https://github.com/mqtt/mqtt.github.io/wiki.

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