Assets Manager

Assets Manager is a Launcher feature that manages selected UI assets and files.


Assets Manager is a Launcher feature that enables BlueFletch to download images and files to a device and use those assets for display purposes.

User Guide

Assets Manager is used for importing, managing, and using resources on a device.

  1. The Launcher configuration contains a collection of assets needed for the Launcher to work properly. These are files or images with designated names and values that represent their location on the internet.

  2. When the Launcher starts up or detects a change in the configuration, it will read through the assets and download the files or images to a folder inside the device called the assets directory.

  3. The Launcher uses the assets directory to obtain the appropriate icon or image that needs to be displayed on the home screen.

  4. Assets allow the Launcher to reference files such as images and audio clips by URL, which is helpful in Android 11 and above because the operating system restricts access to external storage.

Feature Configuration

To set up the Assets Manager feature for a particular device profile or device group, please follow the steps below:

Configuring the UI Assets and Files

Asset Manager defines a file location that the Launcher can then retrieve by a reference name. In the "assets" block of the Launcher configuration, give an asset a name (any string) and list a location to retrieve the asset, either the URL or file path on the device:

 "assets": {
        "imageName": "",
        "anotherImage": "",
        "backgroundImage": "/sdcard/Download/ems/corporate_wallpaper.png",
        "logoImage": "/sdcard/Download/ems/corporate_logo.jpg"

Using the Assets for Theming

When configuring theming with parameters such as "wallpaperImage" or "logo", an asset can be referenced by name in the "theme" object:

 "theme": {
        "logo": "assets:logoImage",

Using the Assets Within a Layout Item

The package name must be specified within a layout item while the specific asset must be set within the icon field. This will enable the Launcher to use icons or images in the assets directory.

 "layouts": {
        "Associates": [
                       "package": "",
                       "icon": "assets:anotherImage"

Assets Manager was introduced in Launcher 3.10.10.

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