Custom Intents Replacement Variables

Custom Intents Replacement Variables is a Launcher feature that enables the use of Session variables within the Custom Intents.


Launcher has the ability to invoke Android Intents during certain device or user actions. It can also include replacement variables within those custom intents. These replacement variables act as placeholders for actual values that are embedded in the custom intents.

User Guide

Replacement variables within custom intents enable IT administrators to customize, manage, and control any action performed within the device or the data shared between applications.

  • Custom intents are invoked based on device activity or user action.

  • Content shared on devices can be customized based on device location, user role, or app activity.

  • Replacement variables enable the use of a standardized format for custom intents for device-specific content, message, or data.

Feature Configuration

The Launcher configuration allows you to define the replacement variables that can be used within the custom intents. Use the examples below as a guide:

Using Session Variables

The replacement variables take the format of '${session.KEYNAME}'. If the desired value is within the Session Extended Attributes, then include an 'ex' to indicate extended attributes, ie., '${session.ex.token}'.





The replacement variables are processed within the intent EXTRAS. The following shows an example of sending the User Id, Location, and Role to another application.

"intents" : {
   "login" : [{
        "action": "com.some.application.ACTION_FOR_LOGIN",
        "package": "com.some.application",
        "extras": {
            "user_name" : "${session.userId}",
            "site_id" : "${session.location}",
            "role" : "${session.role}"
        "flags": 1,
        "typeIntent": "a"

Custom Intents Replacement Variables is introduced in Launcher 3.x.

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